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Mary Jones
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Mary Jones

Subtitle The quest for a Bible
By Colin D Jones
ISBN 9781846253973
Category Biography
Spring 2014


Born in 1784 into a poor Welsh family, the desire of Mary's heart was to own a Bible of her own. After 6 long years of saving, she set off barefoot and alone on a 25 mile adventure to buy a copy of God's Word.

Author's Biography

Born and educated in South Wales, Colin is a serving Pastor. He is actively involved in children's work and has written a number of adult and children's books.
Artist: Graeme Hewitson is a professional artist. His compelling style of art has appeared in many publications. He lives with his family in the west of Scotland


DayOne Magazine October 2013-January 2014: "The best bit was seeing God answer Mary Jones' prayers by giving her her very own Bible." Ben Hewer age 7
Price £6.00

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Reader Comments

Fantastic book!
This book is great!!!
Lovely book. Thanks
What a great book. ..its very useful for my life. Thanks
Great Graphics and pictures really clear text.
Great book and great guy
a book worthy of a prize. Children will really enjoy it
I read the short extract and found it to be a book that most people will be able to read and understand. The illustration reminded me of the time I visited Mary Jones cottage, now a ruin, and her grave. What a remarkable young determined woman she was who certainly travelled 'through many dangers toils and snares'.
Inspiring and heart-warming
A great book, which tells this great story of faith equally through great prose and great illustrations.
An excellent re-telling of this once well-known Welsh story. It's written in a clear, concise style suitable for younger children to have it read to them or for the more advanced reader to read for themselves. The artwork supports the story very well and the book itself is beautifully produced. My 4 year old thoroughly enjoyed it - and is looking forward to more stories from the 'Tales of Truth' series.
Great book!
Amazing story!
My daughter loved this book and is patiently waiting for the next one in this format. both the text and the pictures bring the story to life.
An excellent Book! A fantastic way to bring to life a much loved story. Well Done!
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