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Leap of Faith
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Leap of Faith

By Richard Hardie
ISBN 9781909841260
Category Fantasy/Science Fiction
Spring 2014


Merlin is a good-looking woman and madly in love with Arthur.
Tertia, Unita and Marlene know what they want to be... detectives with a difference. Bored with the lack of opportunity in 5th century Camelot, they start up the Temporal Detective Agency and use the great Merlin’s Time Portal to relocate from Camelot to the 21st century..
Help comes from an equally unexpected source, but the Temporal Detective Agency’s first case could also prove to be their last!

Author's Biography

Born in the UK Richard Hardie started writing books for Young Adults of all ages while flying on multiple trips to Asia on business. His best known "Leap of Faith" and "Trouble With Swords" are the first two novels in the Temporal Detective Agency series.
A Scout Leader for 15 years some of his characters were developed during his time with the Troop.  
Richard is married, with two kids and a cocker spaniel who loves walking along the Gower Peninsular while Richard bounces plot ideas off him. One bark for YES and two barks for NO!


5.0 out of 5 stars "Fun, hilarious and fast paced!" AmazonUK

5.0 out of 5 stars "Such Fun! So Different!" AmazonUK
Price £5.99

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Reader Comments

Exciting, action packed story that keeps you wanting more, and delivers on the story. Fantastic new writer.
Fun and witty = entertaining
Congratulations Richard Have ordered a hard copy for the school as well as for myself. Also have nephews who will grow into this volume. Roger Foreman
A brilliant book, I loved it.
Great fun read - enjoyed.
Great read. Quick paced and action packed while still being witty.
Brilliantly written, very funny and a really cheer-up book during cold, wet, winter days. I highly recommend Leap of Faith.
Great book. couldn't put it down!
I gave this book to my 12 year old. she loved it AND was the most popular kid in the class as she oassed it around.
Brilliant, I could not put it down until I had read the whole book
Fantastic piece of magical fantasy. Loved every page. Well done Author Richard Hardie! Jonathan
A mix of historical fact and fantasy.I leave it to readers to work out which is which.
The Leap of Faith is a minor classic for children.
A thoroughly enjoyable adventure with lovable characters and a fantastic sense of humour
A fab book, not to be missed! Merl and the girls, Tertia and Unita and their adventures through history, re-writing as they solve age-old mysteries, and taking on villains all over the place, is just brilliant.
Combines fun and adventure in a way that also helps educate. Loved it!
Great pace, feisty characters, exciting read
An imaginative and fun-packed read.
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