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By Mrs Hilda Poppitt
Published by Percy Publishing
ISBN 9780957156845
Category childrens 7-12
Spring 2014


Lilly and her sisters go to their auntie's house all the time, and when they go there they do things normal people do. But on this day, turning right instead of turning their usual left transformed a normal walk into a weird and wonderful adventure.

Author's Biography

Hilda Poppitt is a grandmother to six children. She has been happily married for fifty years and lives by the sea in Essex with her dog and parrot.


Price £4.99

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Reader Comments

Truly scrumptious tale!
Fantastic book!
Kids thought it was very funny. Good luck.
My daughter loved this book, good luck!
Great book
Brilliant book !!!
Good luck
Hi lilly. Good work, keep it up and all the best! Your dad would be proud. :) Thomas
Good luck Lilly
mad ting
Super book!
THIS IS AMAZING, such a beautiful inspiring story and all my kids love it :)
Amazing book! Well done Lilly x
Very Enjoyable
The best book I have read to my Grand Children I have found in ages.
Well done Lilly!!!!!!!!! xxx
I bought this book for my daughter and she read it within a day because she found it funny and inspirational as she could not put the book down until she had found out what had happened in the end.
Great author fab book
Dear Lilly Thanks for signing my book I thought it was very delicious!!!!!!!! I have just finished it and think its better than my David Williams ones and I love them! Love Oscar X
Excellent book, my children loved it. Looking forward to reading her second book.
Wonderful book
Really good book and such a great achievement for lilly say
well done lily
Great book. Well Done Lilly!
What a wonderful person
Best of luck Lilly!!
This is an amazing book. My child loves it! I have to read it to him every night. 5 STARS ALL ROUND!!
Mrs Hilda Poppitt has inspired my classroom.
A brilliant brilliant read, full of wonderful ideas and engaging the young (and old) reader. Think I enjoyed it more than my son!
Well done lily !
Fantastic achievement Lilly and wish you the best of luck!
it's very interesting and superexcellentive book! want it to win
very exciting
excellent book
very enjoyable read
An enjoyable read for an adult also!
Good Luck Lilly!
Great read even for adults!
great little fun book kids loved it
This book was superb. Defiantly one of the best books I've every read. I love the idea on the title being a secret
this book was brilliant I really enjoyed it
Great book
Lily is a great girl, hope she wins.
Great read!
Very imaginative. Mrs Poppitt has clearly experienced life to the full and her imagination is undiminished at the ripe old age of fifty. I expect to see this shortlisted for the booker Prize next year!
loved it kids loved it took me back to when i was a kid
Brilliant !
Loved it
A Lovely fantasy book for children
All my kids loved this book
Excellent Read.
Humour, fun and fantasy, what more do you want from a bedtime story. Fantastic!!
A fun quirky imaginative children's story
this book is absolutely fantastic everyone i know loves it !!!!!
An absolute tour de force from start to finish. My three year old son was reading this and had a sneak peak and found myself two hours later still reading it. I would compare it to the likes of J.K. Rowling and Roald Dahl. Recommend to anyone.
Beautiful book. Really deserves your votes!
A great children's adventure book
A beautifully written, wonderful adventure story. My children and I were absorbed from the very beginning. Cannot recommend highly enough.
really enjoyable.When is her next book coming out,cant wait.I am sure this young lady has a bright future ahead.Keep it coming
A thoroughly enjoyable little book.I bought it for my grandchildren and they ask me to read it ,over and over.
My grand children asked for this book for Christmas as they liked the front cover. The story itself is fun with interesting internet search ideas so you can learn more about things. It is what they say on the poster in Waterstones - Bang up-to-date Famous Five. Good Luck Hilda Poppitt hope you win!
Terrific little book, kids loved it.
I bought this book for my little sister who is still learning to read. She still can't read but she remembers some of the lines parrot fashion. It's really funny.
My children loved this book, it's not too long and perfect for bedtime read.
Enjoyable, fun read, that kids loved and liked the interaction with Google
I have read this book many many times, and it never gets boring!
A great fun read of a children's story. Quirky, entertaining and remember to have your tablet with you to look up the google references. Excellent and imaginative read.
A very quirky fun story that my kids loved
My kids loved this book, and read it from cover to cover twice!
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