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The Return of the Jabberwock
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The Return of the Jabberwock

By Oakley Graham
ISBN 978-1-78244-171-7
Category 3+
Spring 2014


Nothing is quite what it seems when a young boy sets off to find and defeat a real-life Jabberwock. Lewis Carroll's dark and dangerous dreamscape creatures are never far from the boy's mind as he ventures ever deeper into the forest.

Author's Biography

After studying for BA (Hons) and MA degrees in literature, Oakley Graham has penned over 80 children’s books on topics ranging from reference to picture storybooks. A published author in over 60 countries, Oakley has produced work for Penguin, Disney, Scholastic, Barnes & Noble and Top That! Publishing to name but a few.


Price £5.99

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Reader Comments

The title alone causes you to pick it up and the illustratiions ensure you don't put it down. A delicious scary tale for all kids -and adults!
A great book.
A fine read!
Great book!
Both of my godchildren absolutely adore this book. Wonderful!
Enthralling fantasy
Great book by the publisher, awesome stuff!
Very imaginative artwork and a great story.
A book can also be, a hat!
Such a fantastic read and visually stunning.
A truly delightful treasure of a book.
I have road tested the book with both pre-schoolers and Year 1s, and both age groups really enjoyed it. The blend of rhyme and great illustrations makes for an enjoyably scary story and encourages a lot of enthusiastic discussion about Jabberwocks. Also, what a great way to introduce such young children to creatures from a classic poem.
Great book by a great book publisher!
This Adventure should be shared by every parent and child. Truly great.
I like the bit with the pig! oink oink!
My children and I love this book :)
A great story and fantastic atmospheric illustrations.
Great book
Great illustrations by Dave Neale
Fantastic read, couldn't think of a better book for my children. I'd match this with the quality of Malorie Blackman!
Lovely book, lovely author. Would recommend to anyone with children!
Fantastic book! Could read again and again
Definitely would recommend!
Great book idea and cool illustrations.
Another great book by Oakley Graham. My kids loved it:)
Great story for the adventurous little monster(s) in your lives!
The illustrations are absolutely stunning
The illustration is beautiful.
My kids LOVE this book! Fantastic rhyming & illustrations...
Beautiful book with some great rhymes that children will enjoy.
Lovely book, great author.
Wonderfully written and illustrated. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to experience the celebrated Jabberwock. Oakley Graham has brought it to life!
My kids loved this book.
Great book, love the illustrations!
I don't know who enjoys this book more, me or my little boy!
My favourite book of the year.
I love the Illustrations! A really cool-looking book!
Fantastic, beautiful book!
Wonderful illustrations, my son loves this book
A lovely story that my daughter loves!
A fantastic Book by a great author - my boys love it!
lovely book. will recommend
This is a brilliant book for the children. Great work by Oakley Graham.
Another fantastic book by Dan Graham.
Fantastic book
What a fabulous book. I could read this every day to my kids
It is a really good book and I love reading it
Great picture book by Oakley Graham!
Fantastic rhyming storybook!
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