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The Shadow of the Trojan Horse
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The Shadow of the Trojan Horse

Subtitle Shadows from the past
By Wendy Leighton-Porter
ISBN 978-1909411036
Spring 2014


The Trojan War is just a game for the gods and goddesses of ancient Greece, but it's no laughing matter for Joe and Jemima Lancelot when they find themselves transported back to ancient Troy amidst all the horrors of the deadly conflict. Still on the trail of their missing parents who are lost somewhere in the mists of time, the twins, together with their friend Charlie and their remarkable talking cat Max, try to prevent the destruction of the famous city. Can the children persuade the Trojans to reject the Greeks' gift of the Wooden Horse or will it prove impossible to change the course of history?

Author's Biography

Having spent twenty years as a teacher of French, Latin and Classical Studies, Wendy now devotes her time to writing for children. With her love of history, myth and legend, she aims to take her young readers on an exciting adventure through time in the SHADOWS FROM THE PAST series.


Price £6.99

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Reader Comments

A lovely and lively book that, with the other Shadows from the Past series, makes history fun for children of all ages... including those with white hair dentures.
Great story that captivates the young readers imagination and also helps to digest historical facts in a memorable way. Excellent read.
book is brilliant!
I am a great fan of Wendy Leighton-Porter's stories and the Trojan Horse is one of the best. I would happily add the Shadow series to the required reading for pupils in the 8 to 10 category as a means of bringing history, particularly ancient history, alive. I eagerly await the next book in the series. Max is a wonderful cat and the children believable as characters.
If you are a parent wanting to get your kids entranced with reading, start them on this series. It’s a great learning curve, with fun, action, adventure, and a unique story line.
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