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Momo and Snap
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Momo and Snap

By Airlie Anderson
ISBN 9781846435980
Category 3-8 years
Spring 2014


Hilarious story told without words, only assorted grunts and noises. How a competitive relationship between a crocodile and a monkey turns into a supportive one.

Author's Biography

Airlie grew up in Carmel, California. She always loved craft and art and after high school was accepted to Rhode Island School of Design. After many drawings and studies in oil, a study programme in Rome, time in San Francisco and New York City, she now has her own studio.


Price £5.99

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Reader Comments

Great story of conflict resolution for young and all...
This is a perfect book for the very young reader
Beautiful illustrations and story. Love the book!!!!
Momo and Snap is a delightfully expressive book - lean on words and long on character - it tells the tale of two unlikely friends who oh so amusingly become the best of pals. It is both funny and heartwarming with a simple message supported by the most original text and endearing illustrations. Children everywhere will immediately fall in love with Momo and Snap and want to visit them over and over again.
The perfect message for a wee-one. Differences makes us special :)
MOMO and SNAP is a delightful adventure and mesmerizes my Grandchildren every time we read it together.
This is my daughter's favorite book! She loves making the sounds and we read along to the story.
Absolutely great story and so appropriate for any age group, including adults. Thank you Ms. Anderson
This is a wonderful book. My nephews likes to read it over and over again, pretending he's Snap.
beautifully done and a great read-aloud book!
Ooh! Aah! We have so much fun reading this - so clever, the story is told with noises and no proper words but you just don't notice as the story is clear. Bright fun illustrations and a great story of how friendship can be found in unlikely circumstances. Love it, a regular favourite in our house. Whoop, whoop!
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