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Gorilla Dreams
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Gorilla Dreams

By Sue Hampton
ISBN 9781782283553
Category Children
Winter 2014


Mr Eden tells his class two gorilla stories: one crazy, one lyrical. Meet Gilbert on his skateboard, or join Sanyu in a world that's much more real - and dangerous. 
The spellbinding Mr Eden is a storyteller, but a character too. What does he know of gorilla dreams?

Author's Biography

Sue Hampton has twenty books across different genres for children and teenagers, including TRACES (top three in The People's Book Prize 2012) and FRANK (bronze in The Wishing Shelf Award 2103). Her writing has been praised by her hero Michael Morpurgo ("terrific" "enthralling" "beautifully written"). Sue's an ex-teacher from Herts.


Animated, bubbly and exhilarating storytelling ( 
Mr Eden has the gift of great storytelling, just like Sue Hampton (Sue Dyer, ex-school librarian) 

An unusual, shimmering jewel of a book(Jill Hipson, BSL teacher) 

Everyone will love Sue Hampton's imaginative new book about two gorillas with surprising dreams. (Joanne Bowers, librarian)
Price £5.99

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Reader Comments

Another great book - Good Luck Sue
Wonderful imaginative story with fabulous illustrations
Well Done Sue another Fab book
My Kids Love Gorilla Dreams
Fantastic !!!
Sue Hampton is the best author for children's books ever. Our whole family loves the story, very clever and interesting.
BRILLIANT! I love loads of Sue's books
A truly brilliant author, with so much talent. We will be reading her books for many years!
my 9 year old daughter loved this book! it was so refreshing seeing her engaged in reading on the sofa, bed, car.. she was both pleased and disappointed to finish the stories! something we can all relate with when finishing a really good read!
Lovely easy read and lets me into the world of Gorrillas and made a 50 year old man feel like a 4 year old child.
I like the way Sue embraces the 2 gorilla dimensions in one story book.
Sue Hampton is a brilliant author and Gorilla Dreams is another great achievement.
Although bought for a young member of the family I read this first with joy. If only books like this had been available when I was young. Ginny Moodie
My 8 year old daughter loved it, swallowed it up in an evening
Five stars.
My children Love Sue Hampton's books, this one is one of her best!! xx
I enjoyed reading this book as much as my 10 year old niece. A very fun read. Sue is a very talented writer.
Sensitive and brilliant
An excellent read!
This book is brilliant and Sue is a wonderful author and human being! My children have had the pleasure of meeting her several times and adore her and her books!
Lovely, readable stories with a great message.
compelling, absorbing, fun.
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