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The Rise of Agnil
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The Rise of Agnil

By Susan Navas
Published by Ant Press
ISBN 9781494768614
Category Fantasy, age 8-10,12 illustrations
Winter 2014


When Aggie goes fishing on her own for the first time and is dragged into the river by a shape-changing elf, her life is turned upside-down. Everything she thought she knew about herself is about to be challenged. 

Join Aggie on her journey of discovery, through a magical world of elves and an evil wizard. 'The Rise of Agnil' is the first book of the 'Agnil's Worlds' fantasy adventure series.

Author's Biography

Susan Navas is the author of the "Agnil’s Worlds" series of children’s books. Born in London, Susan has three grown up children and is a teacher in a primary school in Cambridgeshire. After years of helping children learn to write, she decided to write a book or two of her own. She has also written a picture book for young children called "Crossing the Bridge" that she is preparing in collaboration with her daughter, Laura, who is an artist.


"The author captures your imagination, transporting you into this wonderful world of adventure with amazing characters who interact in believable ways." Splashes into Books 

"Think Narnia and The Hobbit, but with more charm and fun than either. Perfectly geared to 7 - 10 year olds: Tolkien for under teens!" Author Frank Kusy, Amazon 

"...a really good story. It was cool how a little kid could be important in helping adults and make a difference in the world." Soledad aged 8, Lucy Lemons Reviews site 
"With quests and twists along the way, this is a real page turner." Amazon 
"an enchanting fantasy that will have pre-teens, especially girls, yearning to read more books from the Agnil’s World series." Readers' Favorite reviewer
"Aggie finds herself spiralling...into this odd world, and the disorientation makes for a fun, vibrant read, propelling you forward to find out more." Kid Literature Authors
Price £4.89

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Reader Comments

No one said that I had to know how to count! :)
A lovely read.
Enchantingly illustrated
Arkansas school children love this book in USA. James
Lovely book enjoyed by all
Good luck Susan with this book
Magical, a wonderful start to a brilliant series of books.
This book to win! It's fab!
A fantastic fantasy - the first in a new series that children and adults alike are enchanted by! This book is brilliant and truly deserves to win. If you haven't read it yet - go get it!
An enjoyable book for adults as well as children.
A delightful book. My class loved it.
I'm reading this and the next two to my six year old. He really listens to these and is enjoying them.
Susan Navas’ Agnil series creates a universe of many facets each one of them with new exciting features and adventures. This makes gripping reading for young and for old alike. Children - judging from my grandchildren - love these stories. For me their archetypal content goes beyond just good pastime reading but also provides an intellectual challenge. “The Rise of Agnil” introduces this universe and the “real” and “mystical” figures who populate it. In this first adventure Agnil who is the main character has to grow beyond herself to be able to “save the world” which she proceeds to do brilliantly. “The Wizard’s Orb” (Book 2) picks up on this and in the third book “Agnil and the Tree Spirits” problems and questions of our actual world today are mirrored for children who grow up into this world and who will be inspired to look around and ask questions. “The Rise of Agnil” as the first of a series which hopefully will be followed up with more volumes should get this price as it takes (young) readers on a journey which they undoubtedly will want to continue as far as it will take them.
a wonderful fast paced book for all children
What a beautiful series of books. My 8 year old son, (and myself) totally immersed in the adventures of Agnil. Every book finished, couldn't wait for the next adventure. Superb stuff :)
The illustrations are very nice as well.
Very good, couldnt put it down..
A beautifully written book that enraptures both children and adults alike.
A book full of charm,and charms the readers.
The Rise of Agnil is a super book for children and just the thing to hook them on to a protagonist they can identify with. I'm certain they will eagerly want to read Agnil's continuing adventures. It is books like this one that encourage reading, which is what it should be all about.
Wonderful, imaginative book!
Great book, really enjoyed it, Tolkien for under teens :)
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