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Black Flag
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Black Flag

Subtitle A Coding Club Mission
By Matt Langley
ISBN 9781107671409
Category Children: 11+, 10 illustrations
Winter 2014


In Marshall Trent’s Reunited Kingdom every citizen has a Neurochip implanted. It records every thought, movement and detail of life. Absolute control! 
Cal believes he’s no different from everyone else - until he saves Sasha’s life. He discovers an underground group harbouring a secret that will change his life forever. 

Author's Biography

Matt Langley wrote his first novel in collaboration with Chris Roffey, the author of the successful Coding Club series, who provided the coding puzzles for the accompanying website.


Price £7.95

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Reader Comments

Amazing book which engages readers to work on their problem-solving skills whilst learning coding.
Educational AND exciting book. wow. Can't wait to read the sequel :-)
Fantastic book with excellent website.
Great book for young readers.
Matt's book is a fast paced novel with many twists and turns that hooked my 12 year old. You only do the coding puzzles on the companion website if you want to.
Matt Langley is going to be a literary star.
A great book. Two young cousins really enjoyed it; they both finished it in a couple of days. Great stuff.
A great way to get my boys to combine their two loves, books and computers. Cracking read and book that is chatted about over the dinner table. Thank you
magic concept for young adults
A superb book.
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