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The Amazing Brain of O C Longbotham
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The Amazing Brain of O C Longbotham

By Barbara Spencer
ISBN 9781784620578
Category 8yrs-12yrs
Winter 2014


Twelve-year-old OC possesses a most amazing brain. It might not go round corners but it’s a whiz at science and plays chess like a dream. When he witnesses some suspicious men robbing the bank where he keeps his chess winnings, he’s not about to let them succeed!

Author's Biography

With a background as exciting as any of her stories, children’s author Barbara Spencer now lives and works in Somerset. Passionate about the importance of books in today’s society, Barbara is a frequent visitor to both primary and secondary schools, where she talks about writers and writing.


Price £7.99

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Reader Comments

amazing book
Amazing book
Barbara Spencer has written another fabulous book here, very funny, wonderful illustrations and a thoroughly entertaining read.
My 11 and 8 year old sons read it, and both loved it!
Barbara writes excellent whimsical children's stories and works tirelessly promoting reading and writing in schools and bookshops throughout the UK. '...O.C.Longbotham' is her latest and, she will tell you, her best work. Barbara deserves to win an award.
Barbara Spencer is a talented author.
Great book. Brilliant storyline.
Barbara Spencer is a great author!
Keep them coming.
Really enjoyed reading another of Barbara Spencer's books. Really funny.
A thoroughly entertaining and well written book for adults as well as children. I found the characters of OC and his friend CASH to be particularly engaging.As well as a gripping story line there is an underlying, very encouraging message : each one of us is special in his or her own way.This book deserves a prize !!
Lovely book about disability through a child's eyes.
A lot of fun!
My 8 year old has lived this book. She hasn't come up for air since she started it!
Great read - love all of Barbara Spencer's books!
Great read
Good luck
this book is really really good and i have met Barbara Spencer, she's so lovely and i think this book is funny. I highly recommenced it
Really enjoyable fun reading.
Great read- perfect for our little Jimmy. Well written, nicely illustrated and highly recommended. :)
Brilliant! Great characters. Nice plot. Lots of fun.
My daughter and I both read the book and found it really funny. She has told all her friends about it and I will too.
Laugh out loud funny. Had me in stitches all the way through. A great read!
My son loves this book.Just to get him to sit down each night and read is really hard normally .Once I bought him this book he has turned in to a bookworm ..He can't put it down.
This book sounds exciting, I'm sure my 10 year old son would love to read it.
Brilliant read even for me an adult, left me with a smile on my face. Would be fantastic to read to a class of children chapter by chapter, leaving them wanting more each time.
Yet another easy to read, captivating tale by Barbara Spencer.
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