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The Morrow Secrets
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The Morrow Secrets

By Susan McNally
ISBN 9781782260325
Category Fantasy
Winter 2014


Tallitha Mouldson is determined to change her life and unearth the secrets of the sinister Morrow family. From the moment you step into Tallitha’s world, this spellbinding tale takes you on an adventure across dangerous lands. A story of intrigue, betrayal and magic, it will draw you in further.

Author's Biography

Susan McNally’s love of books and fantasy worlds began in her childhood in the North of England. Her parents were great storytellers, recounting ghost stories and fairy tales. Susan wanted to recreate this world, to take readers on a magical adventure. And so began the idea for The Morrow Secrets.


"I could not stop reading it when I started, it should be made into a film, it would be great!" - Cheryl Holland 

"A rip-roaring page-turner. Destined to be a modern classic from a brilliant new author. Can't wait for the next installment!" - Mappers 

"Although the book is mainly written for young adults, anyone who likes a well written, imaginative and adventurous Gothic tale will enjoy this book." - Annika Lucia Teichreber 

"Susan McNally led me into a world of mystery and intrigue" - Terry 

"Susan McNally has created a dark, imaginative world in which fantasy lovers will enjoy becoming lost." - J.E. Rogers 

Price £12.99

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Reader Comments

Fab book
Fabulous book bought originally for my young niece but had to buy my own copy after her enthusiastic reports,
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