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Reggie & Me
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Reggie & Me

Subtitle The First Book in the Dani Moore Trilogy
By Marie Yates
Published by Lodestone Books
ISBN 978-1-78279-723-4
Winter 2014


Reggie and Me is the first book in the Dani Moore Trilogy. Dani's story is told through her diary in the wake of her rape and subsequent court case. 
Reggie and Me is more than a story of survival, as the reader is taken on an inspiring journey of personal development, interweaved with tools that girls and young women can use to create the positive future they deserve.

Author's Biography

Marie Yates is also known as The Survivor’s Coach and works predominantly with survivors of rape and sexual abuse, taking clients through a journey of self-discovery towards a positive future. Marie also takes her survivor’s message into 3rd Sector, Youth, Educational and Corporate organisations to enhance skills of resilience and personal development. As a motivational speaker and regular guest on radio, she emphatically shares the message of surviving with purpose. Marie has written for numerous magazines, regularly blogs on the subject and is currently writing the second and third books in the Dani Moore Trilogy.


The strong feature of the book which is particularly powerful is that Marie writes from the heart and with a young person’s voice and her remarkable strength in her recovery may well be an inspiration to others as victims and those who can support a young person in this recovery. ~ Ruth Jones OBE - Director of the National Centre for the Study and Prevention of Violence and Abuse at the University of Worcester
Price £6.99

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Reader Comments

A very thoughtfully written book....
I love this book and read it as a mother with teenagers. A really heartwarming story that covers so many issues that young people have to deal with. Hopeful, uplifting and beautifully written. I hope another one is on it's way. Definitely recommend.
This is such an important story, and especially relevant these days. Beautifully told from the girl's perspective too, an authentic voice.
Fantastic book I was hooked from page one. I would recommend this as a must read.
Very therapeutic book, with humour added.
Precious story.
A must read :)
A really inspirational story that can't help but touch the souls of anyone who reads it.
A compelling, deeply moving book.
A heartwarming and inspiring story for everyone
A heartwarming unsentimental story which will touch anyone who reads it. Marie Yates is a fabulous story teller who portrays the teenage view of a survivor so sensitively.
A fantastic book written by a fantastic lady.
An amazing, life-changing book - truly inspirational.
Great book - truly inspirational
Great read from start to end!
Can't wait for the next instalment in this trilogy. A great read for young and old alike. A very clever book that offers advice without being obvious. Brings hope to those when 'normality' seems so far away.
. From and through adversity to a purposeful truly inspirational path that enables hope to so many
Such an inspiring book! A privilege to read! Whatever your age, gender, status; Whether at school, work, off work, not working... whoever you are, whatever you do... Read this book! A message to us all that what doesn't destroy us really does make us stronger!
To read a book that leaves you pensive, inspired, reflective, uplifted and hopeful is one of lives true pleasures. This is one such book.
A remarkable woman and story turning trauma into inspiration to help others! An example to many!
A hopeful, uplifting story about taking control of your life and not being ruled by your past. Some of the backstory is painful, but the content itself is unlikely to be triggering - it's a gentle exploration of life after trauma, making the VERY important point that there is life after trauma, and even when your world is shattered, you can pick up and carry on and things can be good again. a powerful message for readers of any age, and a great comfort to anyone on the road to recovery. Also, you will fall in love with the adorable dog.
A well deserved vote for a fab survivor!
Not just a story but a source of encouragement,support and motivation for survivors.
An awesome inspiring read.
An excellent book. Written from the heart. Definitely worth reading. I found myself immediately immersed and will read the series.
Brilliant book
An excellent and inspiring read. Difficult issues were managed sensitively with an emphasis on positivity and strength. Reggie and me is empowering to young survivors (and indeed anyone else) and includes useful coping skills. I'm looking forward to the sequel!
Brilliant, innovative, book
Bloody brilliant x
At last a helpful fiction book on this sensitive subject.
Love this book.......inspiration is not good enough to describe it. Something here for everyone!
I think the concept behind this book is very interesting. Even in the first few pages you want to read on to see how Reggie is going to impact on Danielle's life. Well worth reading on...
Just brilliant, loved it!
A must read :)
Brilliant read!
This is a fantastic book charting a young persons recovery which is an inspirational read for anyone. Written in a realistic and accessible way you find yourself routing for Dani as she meets her challenges head on with such a positive attitude. There are lots of gems in the book for people to learn from as well- coaching tools and techniques to help any of us through difficult times. Fabulous.
Amazing book by an amazing, talented person
While the story of Dani starts in the dark place the positivity that flows though the book is contagious....highly recommend this book for anyone of any age.
Amazing book by an inspirational woman - go, Marie!
Wonderful Read!
This book is exceptionally well written. It is insightful and inspirational whilst offering the reader practical, relatable techniques for surviving life's trials. The exploration of the bond between Dani and Reggie is truly heartwarming. This is one of those books that will leave you in a positive empowered mind set and with a spring in your step.cant wait for book 2!
Fantastic book. This is a really inspiring story. I loved Dani's relationship with Reggie which is so special and moving. All of the characters in the book are so real and you definitely feel like you can relate to them. Couldn't put this book down...a great read and highly recommend it.
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