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Share Some Secrets
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Share Some Secrets

By Christina Gabbitas
ISBN 9780957255258
Spring 2016


Share Some Secrets,is a picture rhyming book addressing sexual abuse.This is a story,that encourages children to think about the secrets they should and shouldn't keep, encouraging them to speak out without fear, by giving praise. The story is available on audio to download free via 

Author's Biography

Christina Gabbitas is a children’s author, poet, storyteller and voice-over artist, who loved to read poetry and rhyme in her early years. Christina is known for her children’s books, Felicity Fly series, that encourage children reading and learning about the world around them with fun. 


'Share Some Secrets',is an excellent book. I love the way you have written it in rhyme, making the message memorable. It is not easy finding good resources to help with safeguarding issues. 
Angela Wimbush -Deputy Headteacher at Wakefield Girls School

Helping to provide everyone with a role in protecting children with advice on how to talk to them about staying safe is something that sits at the very heart of the NSPCC’s mission. Christina’s book, which is available for reference in the NSPCC Library, reinforces this essential behaviour that we so encourage children to learn. We wish Christina all the best with this great resource.
Karen Childs - Head of Knowledge NSPCC

Keeping children safe is one of our highest priorities and Christina’s publication helps to reinforce this
Allan McLaren - Deputy Director Partnerships Barnardo’s
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Reader Comments

Brillintly thought through. Compatible With children, parents, carers and teachers alike. Well done!!
Brill idea for a book
An important book which deals sensitively with a very difficult subject. Brilliantly written and illustrated.
I believe that this book should be in every child setting.
Rhyme makes it special and there is certainly a need for such a book.
This is a great way of getting this important message across to children. We heard you speaking on BBC Sheffield, and think you are doing fantastic work.
Fantastic book about the voice of the child. A must for all schools and parents
What a superb book to deal with an important child protection message. Love this book!
My friend suffered in silence for years. Anything that could help get the message across to children on this issue, gets my vote. Good luck.
We are big supporters of the NSPCC and their campaigns. We are very encouraged by this publication that will help to educate and protect our children.
Our children are aged 3 and 18 months. We will certainly have this book in our home library.
Having known people who have been abused, this book could help many children before it's too late.
A brilliant book that absolutely hits the issue of sexual abuse on the head in a way that is not only sensitive to the age of the child reading the book but also in a way that makes the subject less taboo and something that can be talked about openly and without a feeling of shame or guilt.
A must book in our household.
A very important topic. I will be buying this for my niece.
A book like this for children has been long overdue. Good luck.
Very inspiring way of getting the message across.
Brilliant illustrations.
Brilliant idea, well done.
We have shipped our book to relatives in New York, who will find this very useful. Good luck. It is also great to see that the NSPCC have endorsed.
A deserving win, good luck.
Good luck!
Good to see that a safeguarding book is available for young children.
Great publication to educate children.
We found this book in our local WHSmith in York, and have found it very useful. A member of our family has been affected by this issue.
A great and educational story!
Very creatively written.
Brilliant idea
We are very grateful that you have made a book like this available. Good Luck.
All parents and schools should have a copy of this story book. My children are at a vulnerable age. I am please to say that the NSPCC let me know about this through their subscriber system. THANK YOU
I received a notification form the NSPCC recommending your book. It is a very helpful tool for me. I like the way you encourage children to share their feelings with their teacher. A publication like this for children has been long overdue.
As a mother of two children, I think this topic is very important. I am grateful that you have managed to incorporate addressing the issue in a child friendly way. Congratulations.
I heard about this book through the NSPCC and is most welcome.
Excellent idea :-) very helpful for young children who will find it easier to share any concerns with their teachers after reading this book x
Thank you. A very creative way of highlighting a very important topic.
I have bought this book for my grandson. I want him to be able share anything that makes him feel upset, and this book will help him to understand.
A publication that will be useful to many, now and in many years to come. Very well put together.
Another educational resource from a very determined lady. Congratulations
I have five children and think it is so important for them to know the difference between a good and bad secrets. This book is a brilliant idea.
I am very impressed with the way this story has been written. Good luck
It's good to see that you have made this picture book available for children, and love the way you have put the subject across. It's a tricky subject, but am sure it will make a difference. Congratulations
Thank you.
A very brave and great book that will help young children. Congratulations.
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