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Milky Moments
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Milky Moments

By Ellie Stoneley
Published by Pinter & Martin
ISBN 9781780662558
Autumn 2015


A beautiful book for children and their families, Milky Moments celebrates the joy of childhood and mothering, and normalises breastfeeding as a part of day-to-day life. Inspirational, intimate and fun, it is not only a book to treasure, but also one that will educate and inform — however old you are.

Author's Biography

Ellie Stoneley gave birth to her daughter at the age of 47 in 2012. She studied Psychology and English Literature at Durham University, and has worked all over the world. Ellie writes regularly about mothering and being an older first time mother on her blog Mush Brained Ramblings.


A great book with lovely positive images of breastfeeding. An excellent book for all children. (Dawn, Publisher's website) 

Lovely book, the market was definitely missing something like this. (Abbi, Publisher's website) 

My toddler and I love looking through this book together, gorgeous words, gorgeous illustration. Lovely to see nursing being celebrated. Treat yourself to a copy. (Helen, Publisher's website)

Price £11.99

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Reader Comments

Lovely book
Lovely, beautifully written book.
This book is delightful and helps to normalise breastfeeding.
What a lovely sentiment; breastfeeding has over the past decade become associated with something negative. Anyone who decides to challenge that notion gets my vote.
This is big news for the celebration and normalising of breastfeeding.
Beautiful book that encourages us to speak with our children about an everyday natural topic that has become taboo and even sexualised in some circles.
A beautiful book that I like to share with the children in my childcare setting, children reading this aren't shocked by breastfeeding even if they were never breastfed themselves. Educating and normalising from a young age is so important
Brilliant book, both my boys love having it read to them
Beautiful depictions of breastfeeding in every day settings. My daughter loves it, and hunting for the teddy.
Fantastic book
So fantastic to see a book normalising breastfeeding for both little children and their families. I've needed something like this!
Great book and I have bought many for presents which have been so well received
My 4 yr old loves me to read this while she has a bit of bedtime booby, and loves spotting all the items.
About time we have a book like this, so definitely gets my vote!
Love this book!
Wonderful book for all new families and to break stigma of this natural act of love and nutrition!
Breastfeeding, especially extended or natural term breastfeeding, is seen as a taboo subject in today's society, which is ridiculous given that we're in the 21st Century. If only people saw it as the norm, and were encouraged to talk about and see people do it more, more people would do it and women would be able to feel proud that they're nourishing their children way that nature intended, and that it's not something to be frowned upon. If this book won, it would create more publicity for the special bond between mother and child that is breastfeeding, and begin to be seen as normal. After all, who doesn't want the best for their child?
Such a beautiful book, my family - particularly my 3-year-old nurseling - loves it!
Brilliant book my kids love it.
My 3 year old daughter love this book! The illustrations are lovely and the story relatable. Gets our vote!
Lovely sweet book, normalising breastfeeding .
Inspiring book
Beautiful book with amazing pictures to normalise breastfeeding
This is a beautiful book. I hope it becomes a children's classic
This book is one of a kind! Me and my not so little boy read it almost every night!
Beautiful and important book. Best of all, my kids love it!
Beautiful book with heartwarming message x
So important to normalise natural term breastfeeding in western society.
Brilliant book that normalises breastfeeding.
This book quickly became a favourite bedtime story in our home. My 2 youngest love looking at the pictures, finding Eric the bear and joining in with the text. Also looking back through the book for the children pictured and named in the back. Beautiful book.
This book does something no other book does. It shows an important part of many families' lives in a natural range of contexts. My children love it.
A truly wonderful book that normalises breastfeeding for the whole family and one which my children love me to read to them over and over again. As a breastfeeding practitioner is great to have a book that has breastfeeding positions that are encouraged and correct too. A very deserved winner.
It's so wonderful to have a children's book that normalises breastfeeding! :-)
A fabulous insight into the breastfeeding relationship. I'll be getting a copy for my 26 month old for Christmas x
Great idea. I will buy this for my son who is 21 months old; we are still breastfeeding.
Brilliantly normalises breastfeeding
Finally a children's book that depicts and normalises breastfeeding, they are hard to come by. Wonderful!
Really beautiful book enjoyed at our gentle parenting playgroup
Brilliant book! My son loves it!
This is a lovely book depicting the reality and normality of breastfeeding!
Lovely book. 3 years old Daughter loves it.she calls it "boobies story"
Beautifully illustrated book about the most natural and wonderful way to feed your baby/toddler.
A beautiful depiction of one of the happiest relationships in my life, adored by by little boy and will help as he now becomes a big brother.
Beautiful book. Very well written and portrays the breastfeeding the relationship between a dyad very well throughout newborn days, babyhood, toddlerhoof and beyond into childhood and natural term weaning. My two boys both love reading this book.
This book is beautifully illustrated, and my almost three year old daughter loves it! It's so nice to be able to read it to her and for her to know it's normal! :)
Beautiful book
Fantastic read and wonderful to have something so relevant at last!
Lovely picture book for families with nurslings of all ages, and for public places that welcome families. Carefully crafted with text, color, & typical nursing situations. Well done!
Such a wonderful and unique book! Good luck x
Showing that breastfeeding is just normal.
This book is awesome and should definitely win!!!! #normalizebreastfeeding
Great book!
Good luck Ellie and Hope!
Good luck Ellie - great achievement for a first time author!!!
Lovely rhymes and beautiful pictures. My little boy loves having this book read to him and discussing the pictures. Good to see a book that normalises breastfeeding.
This book has proven so popular in our house that my son requested a reenactment of the birthday party scene for his third birthday party, and we even bought knitted 'Eric the bears' for each of the children (a character who's present on each page of the book, and who the little ones love to spot).
Great book
A lovely read for little ones, with so many lovely things to spot in each detailed picture
A superb and beautifully illustrated book. It's excellent if you are breastfeeding a toddler! There are lots of things to look for on each page, such as Eric the bear. It's really a must if you are full term breastfeeding. It's so lovely to see such wonderful depictions of all types of breastfeeding in so many different settings. My toddler loves it!
A truly original children's book
Truly wonderful!
One big step forward for normalising natural term breastfeeding :-)
Beautifully written. Though I am not a mother myself I enjoyed it and gave it to a few new mother friends.
Breast feeding has become an easy target for unjustified sexist behaviours and rules. When I opened Milky Moments and saw how beautifully normalised and sacred the natural act of breastfeeding was shown to be in a children's book I felt such a feeling of safety and joy. Ellie's book is special and a sure great act of defiance in a world still woven with patriarchy and unhealthy stigma. Well done Ellie Stoneley!
Brilliant! read this to my granddaughter today. Would have bought this 24 years ago when my 3rd baby was born! Best book I've seen since some of the Barefoot Books titles I used to read at that time
I am a 75 year old male but entirely agree with the object of the book.
Beautiful book, one of our all-time favourites!!
excellent book!
My 2 year old daughter loves this book and will spend ages studying each picture. It is such a beautiful book and I love that it makes nursing older children so normal.
A heart-warmingly brilliant book, with fab illustrations, for any parent to share with their children. A delight to read, bringing the important issue of breastfeeding to all, in a gentle and personal way. One to cherish.
This book is written with so much love and you can tell by the words and beautiful illustrations that it is straight from the heart. What a beautiful keepsake for a family. A lovely memory of growing up with Milky Moments. This books sits on my children's shelf, when we are not reading it. I hope to pass it down to my daughter when she has her own family in the future.
Milky Moments is a unique,beautiful and eye catching book for mums giving out the clear message that breastfeeding is normal and socially acceptable wherever mum and baby go. It will help families preparing for the next baby to understand the joy and benefits of breastfeeding. It is also useful for healthcare professionals to discuss the benefits of breastfeeding for mothers and their babies.The beautiful illustrations and engaging text fill you heart with joy.
Normalise breastfeeding!
I will never tire of reading this book for bedtime, nap time neither any other time of the day, at times when I felt everyone may have been against me and I was the only breastfeeder in the world I would read this to my little man and we would be back in our own littel bubble forgetting all the negative vibes we get from the outside world. this book will play (and dies play) a huge part in the normalisation of breastfeeding and when it's my childrens turn to feed their children wherever they please without being asked to cover up it will be partly thanks to this book. But mainly I read it because its just a lovely read xxx
So refreshing to see a practice that is oft recommended by health professionals and parents alike actually represented on a page!
We read this book every night, without fail, my son won't fall asleep without it!
Wonderful! Well done
Lovely lovely book!
If Ellie wrote it, ot's good!
This is a fabulous and beautiful book which celebrates breastfeeding and the beauty in such a natural and magnificent thing. Children will love the story and relate to the pictures and mums will appreciate that it is one of a kind!
My three year old nursling loves this book, as do I. Anything that normalises breastfeeding, particularly feeding toddlers, is brilliant, but combined with the lovely words and illustrations this book will be a favourite for years to come.
Interesting read!
We love this book!
The detailed and engaging illustration in this book not only supplements the text but brings it alive. There is something new and exciting in every illustration, resulting in to bright and engaging piece of work that is quite unique.
This book is just amazing and much needed to talk to families how normally breastfeeding is.
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