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Making Shore
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Making Shore

By Sara Allerton
Published by Saraband
ISBN 9781887354745
Summer 2010


Torpedoed by a German U-boat, adrift on the open ocean, gravely weakened and slowly dying of thirst - the odds of making shore are lengthening with each gruelling hour. Deliverance from purgatory on a decaying lifeboat will take something far more remarkable than sheer endurance... Inspired by a true incident in World War II, this novel is a searing tale of fear and survival, friendship and love.

Author's Biography

Sara Allerton lives in Suffolk with her husband and three children. This is her first novel


"A remarkable imaginative achievement... a compelling story" –Edward Stourton "This is a brilliantly conceived story of endurance and romance, in which Sara Allerton's mastery of detail and sympathy with her characters fully engage the reader. It held me enthralled until the last sentence."" -Lord Butler of Brockwell 'I don't cry much over books, but this one brought a great lump to my throat. It is an extraordinary story – the grim face of war, chirpy unassuming courage, and running through, the need to keep faith whatever the cost. In the end, I did weep, but not from sorrow or despair.' –Andrew Wheatcroft, author of 'The Enemy at the Gate'. 'The profoundly moving story of a brotherly bond forged in unimaginable wartime suffering, of the bitterness of a terrible promise honoured, and, above all, of the hope-giving, life-sustaining selflessness of true love. Making Shore is a powerful and remarkable novel.’ -The Army Children Archive £9.99 Paperback

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Reader Comments

Awesome book!!! V. exciting!!!! Highly recommended!
A brilliantly told and gripping novel.
fantastic story and brillantly told
The author is an exciting new talent and I'd be thrilled if this wins. A compelling story based on a real experience of survival against all the odds.
I'm proud to say Brian Clarke is my great uncle. I have always been fascinated by his story of survival. A gripping and moving account of human triumph over the madness of war.
A gripping novel with a tale of survival that always has the ring of truth. Well done to both Sara Allerton and Brian Clarke!
Brilliant. Best story for ages. Looking forward to the film!!
Amazing book
A great read! Very interesting
A superb read. Sara Allerton's excellent book took me on a journey that I'll never forget.So well constructed that it had me in its grip from the first couple of pages. That it is based on fact made it all the more compelling and very moving.
Graet Book!
Amazing. I would never normally choose a book like this but I couldn't put it down. I had my head in my hands at times , the images were so real.
Great read, real reflection of real life
A stirring tale brilliantly told by an exciting new author
I wept and felt humbled by the horrors endured by the characters. What brave men. Sara told the story so well. It is hard to believe that this is her first novel. I hope that there will be more to come.
An amazing and gripping novel which I couldn't put down.
A fantastic book and first novel. This book has something for everyone - interesting historic reference, suspence and romance!
Brilliant I read it twice.
Amazing - you have to read it !
Brilliant...Just Brilliant !!
Here is surely a stunning new descriptive talent. Could not put it down as the beautiful narrative kept me turning the pages
A beautifully written novel, all the more enthralling as it is based on a true srory. I could not put the book down, and would highly recommend it to others.
Quite wonderful!
A wonderful, heart-rending tale - as gripping as it is authentic.
A wonderful book and what a brilliant story teller. Sara Allerton expertly conveys the bonds of friendship and humanity against a backdrop of hardship and suffering on the lifeboat.
Best book I have read this year - take it to the beach
A scintillating read from start to finish.
Making Shore. A remarkable tale
Impressive debut novel. A tale of two journeys, one of survival against the external elements, the other of survival against the emotional ramifications the first had caused. Thanks Sara.
Excellent. Read it and tell all your friends!
As a proud niece of Brian Clarke I would urge everyone to read and support this remarkable book. Ruth Pugh
Making Shore wonderfully brings to life the terrifying ordeals suffered by brave people in war. I was gripped from the start, a truly magnificent achievement.
Making Shore. Brilliant.
A great read!
A fantastic read!!
An enthralling and romantic tale of human resilience overcoming horrific privation based on the true story of a torpedoed ship during World War II. Riveting. A marvellous debut novel.
I am the proud great niece of the real life character Brian Clarke. Rebekah McLean
Very impressive debut. Very assured writing that convinces. It would be an excellent choice for any book club.
I really enjoyed this book! It kept me gripped to the very end.
This is a gripping tale, full of brilliantly portrayed characters, true to the time in which the story is set. I particularly enjoyed the depth, width and descriptive powers of the vocabulary the author used. Sometimes I needed a dictionary but couldn't take the time out from turning the page! No lightweight fiction, this is in the best tradition of storytelling. A new author with a bright future!
A wonderful read.
Marvellous read - I read it all at once, because I just couldn't put it down until I knew how it ended (not like I expected!). Definitely recommend.
A great read! Very interesting
I just loved this book. There are shades of Heart Of Darkness, yet the will to keep a such sacred promise recalls Hamlet's ill-fated dilemma. A must-read.
Thoroughly enjoyed Making Shore and have recommended it to all my friends. Book groups are in for a treat.
Great Read.
A wonderful book - when will the next one be out ?
Amazing, said the gruffalo.
Amazing book! I was captivated until the very end! A fantastic read an i would strongly recommend it!
A brilliantly written first novel - I just couldn't put it down.
great read
Sara Allerton's gift for descriptive writing shines through as she takes you to the edge with her gripping story of an incredible journey. She portrays her characters with such skill you find yourself almost touching, nearly smelling them. I can't wait for her next book
An excellent account and a book that is impossible to put down. Congratulations Sarah!
A very good read, kept me interested throughout - Well done.
Wow - fantastic book. Well done Sara.
This is an amazing book - Sara Allerton writes with the authority of an established novelist. Every generation should pick this up, not least to remind ourselves of the hardships of the Second World War and the gruesome sacrifices made by Merchant Navy seamen.
A superbly written account - well done Sarah.
Absolutely brilliant - I loved it.
This is the best book I have read in years. A tremendous achievement
Really great read. I would strongly recommend it to anyone!
An amazing journey - Sara Allerton shows a wonderful, natural ability to convey the rawness of a terrifying ordeal on the high seas. You hear it, you see it, and it envelops you completely.
This book has got me reading again after a very long bookless period. It has so much to get your teeth into - what an adventure! It made me laugh, made me thoughtful and inevitably, made me weep. Sara Allerton is a master of descriptive writing. You felt every disappointment and sadness and revelled in every joy of her well drawn characters. Her account of the time spent in the lifeboat was fantastic. I devoured it.
I am proud to be the son of the real-life character Brian Clarke. A marvellous story of endurance and survival which has been so well adapted into fiction by Sara Allerton. A great achievement for a first novel. This unique book deserves success. Simon Clarke.
This is an exhilarating novel with at one and the same time a sad and uplifting storyline. Sara Allerton's descriptive prose and the power of her imagination ensures that you are actually present and taking part in the unfolding events. It is a powerful novel in which all your emotions are tested. You cannot put it down.
Really great read. Strongly recommend it!
I read this book in a single day, but the story will remain with me for far, far longer.
The best book I've read for a very, very long time.
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