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Yes We Can Read
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Yes We Can Read

By Libby Coleman & Nick Ainley
ISBN 9781842310755
Category Self Help/How to
Autumn 2010


A new one-to-one reading scheme for learners aged from 8 to 80. Yes we can read is a fun phonics-based programme to develop reading for meaning. Anyone who can read fluently can teach a non-reader or poor reader to read in six months or less.

Author's Biography

Libby Coleman is a retired head teacher. She worked with people with severe learning disabilities and has lectured in special needs. She works as a volunteer teaching reading in prisons and areas of social deprivation. Nick Ainley has spent most of his career working with adults with severe learning disabilities.


"How marvellous to find a system that works for both coaches and learners...This book will change lives..." Minette Walters, Bestselling author 
"I can read a lot more now... I really like the sentences that I have to read because they are funny and make me laugh." Ashley, Year 7 pupil 
 "If you know someone who finds reading difficult and learning to read didn’t quite work the first time... then this is the scheme for them.” Damien Jordan, Headteacher, Fairlight Primary and Nursery School, Brighton 
"Yes we can read is amazing. It works, it absolutely works! You take a tadpole and watch the metamorphosis into a frog with little steps." Marc Wood, Step By Step Project Lead Tutor, The Friends Centre, Brighton £35.00 Paperback

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Reader Comments

A really useful resource, not least because it highlights the need for intensive indiviualised support to enable adults to improve their reading skills.
As a learning support assistant I appreciate this excellent effort to help students learn to read.
This is a really useful and effective way to work with adult learner readers.
So so so simple and yet so so so effective...using this book really makes a difference!
A very helpful way of approaching this subject. Thanks
What an amazing way to teach people to read. Not only fun but obviously based on experience and imagination. Fantastic!
I have started using this book to teach an adult to read, and am impressed at the thought that has gone into it.
Yes We Can Read has given me so much as coach to my 64 year old learner.
A real breakthrough in helping adults with reading difficulties
We badly need 'Yes We Can Read' here in South Africa!
Good Luck!
great book and necessary, well written
This is a magic book: simple, extremely helpful and only makes our world better.
great. highly recomended for everybody who is interessted in teaching someone to read...
An excellent book, well done!
Very few books have potential to change people's lives and to set them free. This is one of them.
I think this is a wonderful book, which has the potential to change many lives. We are using it as the basis for Read Easy, a new adult literacy project.
esay to use and so helpful
Clever concept!
A great book, well thought-out, which could help thousands of people.
I love the idea that there are whole sentences so early in the programme, how nice to learn to read something that makes sense so soon. The corresponding books will give so much confidence. Wow, can you imagine saying 'Yes I can read!' after years of frustration and embarassment?
A great addition to the educational books resources library. Here is a very original means to spread literacy amongst all those who have found difficulty in reading...for whatever reason. Its great feature, and highly original one, is to allow ANY adult who can read to become a teacher to those who cannot. This is a universal benefit not to be found in similar schemes. Brilliant ! TomD
I am a reading coach for FRED (Forest Read Easy Deal) and we use 'Yes We Can Read'. My learner tried other learning systems and failed leaving them despairing and diminished in confidence. Now, as successes mount with each page, confidence is increasing, enabling self esteem to build. My learner's retirement is full of hope. 'Yes We Can Read' really is facilitating profound changes in this learner's life. It is a triumph which enables personal triumph.
An excellent new tool for learners and coaches
A brilliant book, definitely deserves to win.
Let's get Britain reading!
The concept for this book is so simple. The most successful innovations in our lives are always simple!
This book has opened opporunities for many of my adult learners who have learning difficulties or mental health problems. It is easy to follow and progress can be seen after each session.
This book is incredibly clever. It is very easy to use and it really does make learning fun.
What a wonderful book that is being used in my setting with much success!
Brilliant! I am using it with adult literacy learners. I have a 74 year old who has made obvious progress in only two sessions (unfortunately these are a week apart but they system is still effective). I am madly enthusiastic about this book and would recommend to all those who need it.
This book is changing lives!
I am a literacy teacher who works (part-time) with Pre-Entry/Entry level learners in a prison. I have been using 'Yes we can read' with a student, for the last two months, who was unable to read at all before he started with the 'Yes we can read' scheme. He is now making great progress and we both prefer it to 'Toe by Toe' (another great scheme) because of its simple layout, the pages are uncluttered and visually friendly, and its use of repetition. The photo alphabet is great too as we can refer to it every time my student gets stuck on a particular letter sound. Another great thing about this scheme is that although it is billed as a reading scheme for 'learners from 8 to 80' it doesn't patronise adult readers by using silly or childish pictures and this is obviously an important factor because of the type of students I teach. The use of humour and the helpful tips also help to reinforce the material and most importantly my student is making great progress, his confidence is growing and he is enjoying learning to read. Well done to everyone who has been involved in writing, promoting & publishing this scheme. Liz Bale
This book is changing lives!
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