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By Gordon Brown
Published by Fledgling Press Ltd
ISBN 9781905916238
Winter 2010


Fast paced crime thriller set in Glasgow. An accountant finds himself running for his life in the murky underground world of money laundering and blackmail.

Author's Biography

Gordon is a Glaswegian businessman. Falling was his debut novel. He has recently published his second novel - 59 Minutes.


“With its sharp, witty dialogue, plot twists and no small dose of humour, this debut novel kept me thoroughly entertained.” Alison Lawrence, The Village Bookshop, Essex “Brown keeps a firm, skilful grip on his material in what turns out to be a very promising debut novel.” The Herald Price £7.99 Binding: Paperback Size in mm: Height of book 198mm Width of book 129mm Pages: 298 Publication date 10/06/09

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Reader Comments

Brilliant 1st novel,soo fast moving, couldn`t put it down. Can`t wait to read more
Good first novel. The writing style of each character narrating from their perspective was genius. Thoroughly enjoyed.
An excellent Glasgow thriller which kept you interested from beginning to end.
A superb, fast paced thriller a real page turner. An excellent read.
Great read and it has an accountant as a "hero"!!
Excellent first novel with expected 'Brown energy'.
A fast paced romp through a world of utter rats. Absolutely compelling. Brown has no delusions about any criminal code of honour and presents the underworld about as realistically as I have ever read.
A right good read, and a real page turner. thoroughly enjoyed. just got 59 minutes and looking forward to starting that.
A good pacy read - I liked the authentic Glasgow setting - and language!
Fantastic first novel. Gordon deserves this prize
I really enjoyed this book.
Stylish and immediate, this one is a keeper. Grabs you from the onset and doesn't let go!
I hugely enjoyed reading it. How does he know so much about crime?
Intruiging storyline viewed from various characters.
Loved it! had a real Glaswegian feel to the book which was great!
A thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining read. A story with substance but with an edge and a wit that repeatedly holds your interest. Looking forward to "59 Minutes".
This is an excellent first published book from the author, and I am looking forward to the next one....
An excellent read. It is a Taggart type story but written from the perspective and in the words of the lead characters which gives it a fresh feel. And there is a twist in the tale.
An absorbing and witty thriller
An excellent debut novel.
I enjoyed this book especially as I am a Glaswegian
A well researched book, I normally read more fact than fiction but Gordon clearly has a vast knowledge bank of life in Glasgow to draw upon. Quick pace with plenty of twists in the plot to keep you guessing.
Loved the book. Read in two nights. Looking forward to the next one.
Loved the book - I was gripped to the end and laughed out loud at some of the antics. I would recomend the book to anyone.
This is an excellent thriller told in a very entertaining way. Thoroughly recommended!
excellent debut novel, plenty of twists and turns
page turner
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