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Alex McLean Time Traveller

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Alex McLean Time Traveller

By Morag Ramsey
ISBN 9780956486905
Category Ages 10-14 years
Winter 2010


A Keen climber, Alex dreams of scaling the Rock on which Edinburgh Castle stands. Is it this dream that makes him accept the challenge to travel back in time to the night of silent killing in 1314: a band of Scots rebels scaled the Rock and overcame the sleeping English soldiers.

Author's Biography

As well as having a distinguished career in education, Morag Ramsey was, for many years, director of Chelmsford Theatre Workshop, receiving a prestigious Civic Award for services to the Arts. She went on to run the ‘Save the Brighton Bandstand’ campaign, drawing on her skills as a producer of shows.


Price £5.99 Binding: Paperback

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Reader Comments

I love this book i read it in school ALL the time i love the whole series :')
i loved the others and am half way thru this one and i want more
a good read for young and old
My children were delighted with this book, it kept them on the edge of their seats!
Brilliant Book - Paul Benedict
Really good :)
Fab Book.
very good and entertaining.
This book is brilliant the whole family have read it.
Love It!
This book is amazing I love it all my friends love it too! They're going to vote!
This book is brilliant they have done an excellent job.
We found this book to be a great family read.
I love this book its a really good series my favourites is this one and danny higgins! :)
A wonderful, wonderful book.
Fantastic book!
Entertaining and informative, the kids will learn while they enjoy
Captivating yarn
i liked this book best
my son loves this series
Clever idea
well written but the illustrations could be better, still earns my vote though
Very interesting book, looking forward to reading more
Brilliant book, great series, my kids love them all!
Science fiction, real history and real danger what more do we need
Excellent book my 10 year old son couldn't put it down. And he's not a great reader.
An excellent book for children beautifully illustrated
liked the illustrations very much
Very enjoyable and historically educational for 9-12s
A truely great read, for all ages!
Fantastic, really enjoyable.
I'm not sure why this book is recommended for 10 -14 yr olds, I'm 44 yrs old and I was gripped!! Buy this book - whoever you are and however old you are.
We enjoyed all the time traveller books and this one looks great!
Excellent story-telling and a vivid evocation of history.
Really enjoyable! Have been reading Alex McLean with my 8 year old daughter and we loved his adventures... learnt so many facts in an interesting and easy to read manner. We have read the other books in the Time Traveller Series and this book did not disappoint!
Really enjoyed this well written book.
This book is full of excitement and the historical passages really land you back in medeival Scotland.
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