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When I Dream of ABC
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When I Dream of ABC

By Mr Henry Fisher
ISBN 978-1-84956-102-0
Category 3+
Winter 2010


Enter the dreamy world of ABC in this soothing bedtime book. A humorous exploration of the many strange and extraordinary characters that inhabit a fantastical dreamworld, encouraging children to learn their ABC. From shy dragons to opera- singing mermaids, learning the alphabet has never been so fascinating.

Author's Biography

Author and illustrator Henry Fisher studied illustration at the Camberwell College of Arts, London. He has a one-year-old son, who is featured on the cover of his first published book, When I Dream of ABC. A video game addict, he also has extensive experience in the film and television industry.


'The text alone would be super, the pictures alone would be super; put the two together and you've got something very special indeed. Highly recommended.' The Bookbag. 'A rare treat! I haven't enjoyed a book as much as this in a very long time.' Apple Juice Radio.

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Reader Comments

Delightful illustrations, a refreshing and novel approach - a must have!
My daughter enjoys this book. She is learning english and I read every night this book. She knows the alphabet in engllish very good.
This is a unique and beautifully illustrated ABC book that children love to have read to them over and over. They can't get enough!
Great book!
Superb book that thoroughly deserves to win!
A beautiful book which my four year old son adores.
A triumph - it made the bedtime story a real joy!
My daughter loves this book and she makes me read it to her every night she loves the pictures and has learnt a lot from this book AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
wow !!!
Every page is a joy to look at, and gets better each time you read through it.
Superb book, great illustrations.
Fabulous book, beautifully illustrated, my sons love it.
All round lovely book!
A beautifully writte and illustrated book. This deserves recognition for the way it captures the attention and imagination of the reader and listener. A deserved winner!
my daughters request this book every night! What amazing graphics and detail GENIUS!!!
beautiful illustration
A wonderful, wonderful book, which is much enjoyed by the grandchildren, and by the reader!
best ABC book to be found!
When I Dream of ABC
Mr Fisher is a marvel in a pen. The illustrations are a delicious meal my kids have enjoyed eating again and again.
When I Dream of ABC. Henery Fisher
Stunning illustrations & text. My son adores it!
What a beautiful, magical and dreamy book.
Absolutely brilliant, my kids love it and I recommend it to anyone!
Fantastic book and wonderful illustrations - our son adores this book
Enchanting and my 3 year old grandson always wanted more and more...!
I love this book! Both copy and illustration are top of their game. A visual feast from a top class writer and illustrator. I will certainly buy this to read to my children and I'm gladly voting for it to WIN!! George
When I Dream of ABC
My grandson's favourite book!
Absolutely charmed by this lovely book!
Inspirational and just right for the grandchildren!
Totally enchanting.
brilliant book loved it
The most beautifully illustrated book. Such a relief to find a childrens book with a quirky writing style. A firm favourite.
What a beautiful work....
Captivating, emotional, humourous, wacky, random, happy, clever, beautiful, magical and educational....this is what I think of it and MORE.
I really hope this book wins, it deserves to in every way and I hope that Mr. Henry Fisher will do more and more books...
This is a wonderully imaginative and whimsical book full of warmth and humour and so beautifully illustrated that my child's eyes light up as soon as I open the book....
My boys just adore these funny little characters each represeting a letter of the alphabet. Every page results in either a shriek of laughter or the oldest coming up with his own 'voice-over' for the animal/character!
Our children love this book. The pictures are so detailed and beautiful that it gives us lots to talk about. Also a lovely gift for others.
This is one of the most charming and beautifully illustrated children's books I have seen in a long time. It is so imaginative and my Grandchildren all adore it.
What a beautifully written and illustrated children's book.
It's the best, most funniest children's book I've read, ever!
The book is beautifully illustrated and the examples for each letter are novel and charming, a fresh and really fun ABC book with something for both children and adults to enjoy.
I dont know who enjoys it more out of me and my son when I read this to him! A fresh exciting spin on learning ABC.
Fantastic book. Lovely bedtime read.
A funny, unusual and captivating book, a good way of introducing the ABC.
Fantastic ABC book. So different to everything else on the market. Witty and enchanting text, and fantastic illustrations. My kids find it hilarious and I love reading it with them
Absolutely loverly textured set off the text a treat!
A Fantastic book, well worth everyones vote!
A beautifully illustrated and written childrens book that is my personal favourite! It is rare to find such a gem. A must have book for any parent with pre school children.
A lovely book, beautifully illustrated. An unusual ABC book.
Love this book! Quirky text and illustrations make this a fantastic read for children and adults alike!
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