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Subtitle My Happy Childhood in Care
By Margaret Irvine
Published by Fledgling Press Ltd
ISBN 9781905916269
Winter 2010


A true story of a happy childhood spent in an East Lothian children’s home, during the years after the Second World War until the 1960’s. Margaret entered the home aged 2 and left aged 16 having loved every minute of life there.

Author's Biography

Margaret Irvine recently retired from working for Edinburgh City Council as a respite-carer for socially disadvantaged children under three years of age. She has devoted her life to caring for people as a nanny and nurse prior to her last job.


“A sensitive and good humoured story about a very, very happy childhood. Who would believe that the author was actually in care at the time!” - Sheenah Oliver - Reader from Fledling’s online bookshop “I loved this book. It's a really uplifting story and so nice to hear about someone brought up in care who had a good life.” Eileen Docherty - Reader from Fledling’s online bookshop Price £ 9.99 Paperback Size in mm: Height of book 210mm Width of book 148mm Pages: 226 Publication date 20/07/10

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Reader Comments

This is a book written simply and sincerely and it is wholly believable.In fact, when I had read it once, I felt, for some reason, compelled to read it again! The author obviously loved and greatly respected the indomitable Miss Martin.This lady knew exactly what she wanted for her children and stopped at nothing until it was delivered and so the care given was second to none.Margaet felt she was " Just one of a very large family"--what a tribute to Miss Martin and her staff.The author was a very small cog in a very large wheel and yet, because of the care she was given during those formative years, she became a happy, healthy,well adjusted individual fully equipped to take on life's challenges.She is a tenacious, hardworking woman.A loved and loving wife-mother-grandmother-friend.What does this say to all of us about this lady? I say, Bravo Margaret Irvine/Stewart.
I really enjoyed reading this book, as I found it very interesting and I was able to read this book without getting fed up with reading it, I would read more books like this as I was able to get into reading this book not like others
very good book to read, as margaret said miss martin was the mother of all.
good reading.
Loved this book
Heart warming
A very interesting story of a woman growing up in a Childrens home in a small town just outside Edinburgh. The values held by Miss Martin who ran the home helped shape the author's life and future career. A very interesting read,
Sensational read. Deserves the prize for sure!
A beautiful simple memoir, written simply and directly.
Tenterfield is an honest telling of a happy story. Margaret's recollections of her life in care are refreshing and uplifting. It was a pleasure to read.
this book is a very refreshing book,about life in care,it is just a pity that there are no people like miss martin today, it goes to show you if you have the right person at the top, they can make such a difference,for vulnerable children,.maybe there are lessons that could be learned for todays, child carers
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