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Revenge of the Thirteen
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Revenge of the Thirteen

By Daphne Fong (child prodigy)
Published by Local Legend
ISBN 978-1907203237
Category Children’s. 9yrs-14 yrs (teens). 12 x b&w illustrations.
Summer 2011


When Earl Ramirez seeks revenge upon the Vasquez household, Zach, Zoey, Tom and Samantha are thrown headfirst into a world where there are no limits in time or wild fantasy: a world where their every move is being manipulated by two vicious psychopaths. Day by day, it gets harder to survive, and now it's time for the real test. There's no turning back.

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Reader Comments

i think the author of this book must be a lovely girl,purhaps a Foreign Ball~hahahahaha
Amazing book and it is very impressive that it was written by an 11 year old!
Fantastic work at any age. I hope everyone reads this excllent ms.
Really enjoyed this manuscript and I cannot believe it has been written by someone so young! Her work is better than some adults by quite a large degree and it was a pleasure to read.
Fantastic! I shall say that her writing of Mandarin is also impressive!
Absolutely everyone should buy this book!!
Awesome Daphne!!! You totally deserve this, the extract makes me want to jump around with glee!!!!!
I haven't read all of it but it looks fantastic. Well done Daphne!
Revenge of the Thirteen isn't good; it isn't great; and it isn't something to write home about - it is MAGNIFICENT and something to tell the WORLD about!
Daphne deserves the recognition for being the amazing author of this book. Can one so young really write like this? I LOVE this story!!!
Fast paced... action packed...keeps you turning the pages right from the start. I love the characterisation and Daphne, in my opinion, is an outstanding writer. I am sure we will hear much more from her in years to come.
A remarkable piece of fiction from a writer of any age - but from an 11 year old...this is magnificent!
Impressive :)
GOOD! Everybody vote for this book :)
A magnificent read, the best 7 dollars i have ever spent on a book!
Great book :) Not bad considering the Child Prodigy wrote this when she was a tender age of 11 :P
Nice work daphne. :D
This book is truly amazing ;)
Good quick summer read because it's not too long
Really good book, I got it from my friend
Love this
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