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A Work of Heart
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A Work of Heart

Subtitle Eagles, Deserts, Monkees and Canyons
By Jay Atkinson
Published by Local Legend
ISBN 978-1907203152
Category mind/body
Summer 2011


The true story of a unique friendship between two women that spanned 41 years; a shared journey cut short by an untimely death. Sandyed , died suddenly aged 41 leaving Jay to pick up the fragments of her life without her soul sister. As Jay began the painful process of recovery, she realised that Sandy lived on... Physical death is not the end and true Love survives anything and everything. When you love someone nothing can ever separate you, not even death.

Author's Biography

Jay is a natural medium/psychic and realised her ability when she began writing more seriously at the age of 15. When she was 18, she met a spiritual healer, who ran a healing sanctuary in Waltham, Lincolnshire. This lovely lady recognised Jay’s talent as a gifted channeler (as they were called then) although it would be some years before this gift was utilised more fully. She now devotes her life to her work as an interpreter of Source Energy, through her writing, her personal energy readings and her seminars and workshops


“We first met Jay when I was appearing in Hairspray in London’s West End...The bubbly Jay came to the show...Our meeting that day seemed even more serendipitous when I learned her story. She and her cousin, Sandy, had been lifelong Monkees fans! Jay’s writing is inspired…We feel she will soon move beyond her small town in Wales to a more global platform. She is truly a gifted communicator!” Micky and Donna Dolenz – The Monkees “Sensitive and beautifully written, Jay absorbs you into her world and shares love, laughter and tears. You will find a new friend here.” India Redman – Artist & Writer, Cloudhorse Design, NM, USA “This is such a poignant story from which a flame of love burns eternal.” Jackie Weaver – Author of Changing Lives “This book brings back so many happy memories for me...of my home town and my youth, but mainly of my friendship with one of life’s special people, Sandy. She had a beauty that many people could never see, or didn’t take the time to discover, and she will always be in my heart.” Michael Dore – Singer USA “This is a very moving story that enthrals but evokes deep fears, prejudices and issues all humans feel difficult to deal with but the enduring message is that true love overcomes everything life can throw at us.” Stephanie Booth – Businesswoman, Star of BBC’s Hotel Stephanie and Author of A Girl in a Million Price £8.00 Binding: Paperback
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Reader Comments

Jay's beautiful heart shines very brightly through her words and actions.
excellent book
A beautiful book written by a beautiful author!
Great stuff, keep up the good work.
Beautifully written, moving, humorous and sad in turn. Well worth reading, recalling sweet innocent childhood, happy carefree youth (some of the time), and then the deepest sadness of loss, which sometime in our lives, will touch us all.
a wonderful story beautiful book
All the brilliant reviews speak for themselves for this book. On a personal note, it touched me to the core of my being.
Wow, what a book! It has you laughing out loud one moment and sobbing the next. Jay is a wonderful wordsmith - she has a natural gift for expressing her ideas and experiences in a perfect way for others to comprehend and identify with.
This book tells the story of eternal friendship which transcends life times - thanks Jay for telling it so bravely
Jay is a natural-born writer and uses words like we use oxygen with humour and depth. This is such a poignant story but also hopeful in that once a connection with a loved one has been established, nothing is powerful enough to dissolve it. A beautiful book!
I waited YEARS for Jay to write this book! I was privy to a few of the stories contained within and felt that Jay's experience could benefit many others. I was ecstatic to finally get the news that the book had been 'born'. I laughed and I cried and it truly is a "work of heart". I hope that everyone who needs its warmth finds it in the right space and time.
Fabulous storytelling with depth of heart beyond measure!
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