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Hoodwinking Churchill
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Hoodwinking Churchill

Subtitle Tito’s Great Confidence Trick
By Peter Batty
ISBN 9780856832826
Category History/biography
Summer 2011


Churchill’s decision to give his full backing to the communist Partisans and cut all aid to the anti-communist forces resisting the Germans in Yugoslavia, was based on information provided by two trusted advisors, who passed on what Tito told them, and by a communist mole at SOE in Cairo

Author's Biography

Peter Batty worked for BBC TV and ITV before setting up his own production company to produce, direct and write for film and TV. Successful productions included awards from Venice and Leipzig Film Festivals. He made 2 films on Tito for the BBC which proved controversial and led to this book.


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Reader Comments

Very interesting and also a good read.
This book is a must!
A gripping expose
Excellent history revisited
Truly a masterpiece. The book's title conceals the full extent of this epic, vivid and fascinating saga of the life and times of probably the most enigmatic national leader of the 20th century. Painstakingly reseached and a compelling read, it is a clearly expounded eye opener for anyone baffled by the origins and developement to the ultimate tragedy of the Balkan bloodbath
A great deal of fascinating information.Good history very well researched.
Great Book!
A fascinating read
A very interesting and enjoyable history lesson - amazing information from a well-informed author.
Well researched, well argued, excellent writing style. A subject that needed more light shone on it. Peter Batty provides a searching examination.
Great Book!
Great story.
What a revalation! An impressively researched book which throws a new light on the troubled history of Yugoslavia
A fascinating book revealing a new twist in the history of the 2nd World War
A great revelationary book!
A great read. Peter Batty on top form again.
An exquisitely written and compelling book -- Mr Batty has done justice to a controversial topic. I couldn't put it down!
Wonderful contribution to an almost forgotten rogue. Thank you Peter Batty! Warm congratulations at this publishing milestone.
I thought there was nothing new to read on Churchill but Batty has proved me wrong!
This is a very important and long overdue book.By means of painstaking research it convincingly demolishes the 'received' British account of the 2nd World War conflicts in Yugoslavia.It guides the reader through a highly complex narrative with remarkable clarity.
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