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Edinburgh Cuckoos
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Edinburgh Cuckoos

By Wentworth M Johnson
Published by Local Legend
ISBN 978-1907203091
Category crime/mystery
Summer 2011


Summoned to England by his ex-girlfriend, Bill Reyner and his associate, North, try to kill two birds with one stone - a short holiday and a very quick investigation. Whilst retracing the steps of a missing woman, Bill accidentally uncovers an incredibly diabolical organisation that has existed for years -- dangerous and multi-million-dollar puzzle of murder and mayhem that extends way back into the dark and dismal past.

Author's Biography

Born in the town of March, Cambridgeshire, in 1939, Wentworth M. Johnson is now a naturalized Canadian. He served for twelve years with the Royal Air Force and saw action fighting pirates in the South China Sea. He was the last RAF man in RAF Kahawa, Kenya, when he handed the station over to the Kenyan Air Force. Subsequently, he worked as a studio technician at a local TV station in Hamilton and then worked as a broadcast technology buyer before retiring in 2000.


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Reader Comments

fabulous story, believable charcaters, love the banter between newf and Bill. Could not put this book down.
A great author, full of the riches of life, which he uses to draw the reader in,you can not escape untill the book is done, well done Mr W M Johnson
Simply brilliant!
I never fail to enjoy Bill Reyner's capers with North. He always says he won't take on another case but always finds himself deeply embroiled - this time in Scotland. The likeable duo often find themselves taking a wrong turn, only to be righted by Gran as Bill and Newf set out on a new mystery adventure, meeting all sorts of mysterious characters along the way.
Fantastic story, a real page turner.
This was a fun and fast book. It has been a while since I read a book that I couldn’t put down. Full of surprises -- I really didn’t see where it was going!
I love this author's books. This novel is my favourite.
Another great story by Mr. Johnson.
I love this author, he always draws one into the story & makes one feel like one of the charecters. He is excitingly brilliant.
A spectacular and exciting adventure, keeps you on the edge of your seat all the way through. Great stuff.
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