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The Peerie Monster and the Colour Crocodile
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The Peerie Monster and the Colour Crocodile

By Nyssa Pinkerton
Published by Fledgling Press Ltd
ISBN 9781905916283
Category Children's 5-10 years
Autumn 2011


The Peerie Monster is Princess Iona’s magical dog. When a wicked witch drains Princess Iona’s kingdom of colour, Peerie has to act to help return the colour to her distraught mistress’s land. Follow Peerie as she meets the Keeper of the Rainbow and discovers her hidden talents and inner courage.

Author's Biography

Nyssa Pinkerton lives and works in Edinburgh. The Peerie Monster and the Colour Crocodile is her first book and based on her own dog.


Price £9.99 Binding: Paperback Publication date 01/04/11

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Reader Comments

Lovely tale (and tail)
The illustrations are beautiful. So detailed we keep seeing new things in the pictures!
We all need a little colour in our lives!
A story which delights from page one to the final word.
The author visited my son's school and this has been one of his favourite bedtime stories since.
I absolutely love this book - the illustrations are just fantastic, and even although my youngest daughter is 10 she loved it too. As did my 15 year old daughter and my 19 year old - it's the pictures!!!
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