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Older? Yes. Old? Never!
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Older? Yes. Old? Never!

By Peter Carvell
Published by Delancey Press
ISBN 9781907205156
Category self help and practical interest
Autumn 2011


2011 sees enormous media interest in the end of the fixed retirement age. This social revolution means that millions will have to change their attitudes about working and retiring later. In this illuminating publication, Peter Carvell sheds light on exactly why “How much you enjoy your last decades is a matter of attitude. Get it right and your best years are ahead.”

Author's Biography

Peter Carvell is successful writer, journalist, marketing consultant to the Crown Agents and the UN, property developer, painter and Life Coach. His best seller Silver Wolf, is the book that changed the landscape for the 45Plus generation and became the first book to forecast this social revolution


‘This book has changed my whole attitude to getting older. I think everyone my age, 48, should buy it immediately.’ David Eburne, Investment Banker ‘It is an excitingly written handbook for planning your next two or three decades. Honest, unorthodox and hard-hitting.’ Derrick Tout, Accountancy Partner ‘I recommend it to every HR Director. Help your older staff to enjoy their later years’ Sir Harold Atcherley, International Industrialist ‘As someone who has just learnt how badly my pension fund has performed, I found the chapters on money wonderfully helpful... an inspiration’ Dr Michael Pelly, Senior Consultant Imperial College ‘Peter’s book is the missing manual for the over50s. It should become required reading for those turning 50 and read every year after.’ Brett Alegre-Wood, International Property Consultant Price £10.99 Binding: Paperback

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Reader Comments

If everybody (employers, employees) read this book then perhaps everybody would have a better understanding and solutions for the future . Strikes could be avoided. Instead of gloom everybody could look a brighter outlook. Highly recommended.
Inspirational and I am confident it will help me face the future with a positive different outlook. Highly recommended.
At 66, so refreshing to read something that focuses on those with life experience. 'Good on you, Peter', as they say in Sydney.
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