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By Dan Crisp
ISBN 9781849563024
Category Children 3+
Autumn 2011


Children will delight in watching the zoo keeper sleep as the animals around him cause pandamonium! Fantastic illustrations by award-winning artist, Mark Chambers, bring each of the animal’s characteristics to life and humorous text by Dan Crisp ensure that each spread is bursting with mischievous fun!

Author's Biography

Dan Crisp lives in West Yorkshire with his wife Isabel and their children, Tom, Matilda and Caleb. As well as enjoying writing Dan is a professional illustrator and studied illustration in Sheffield and at The North East Wales Institute. He loves illustrating and enjoys karate, the outdoors, cycling and hiking.


 â€˜Wonderful flowing rhyming text grabs the reader and draws you through the book as you meet lots of animals and learn about their characteristics. A lovely read-aloud story.’ Parents in Touch. ‘This is quite truly the funniest picture book ever.’ There’s a Book Blog. 'Pandamonium is a sweet and funny story and one that I am sure that small children will enjoy many times.’ The Bookbag. ‘Lively and energetic illustrations, alongside the musical limerick style, make this an ideal text to read aloud, memorise and simply have riotous fun with!’ EYE Magazine. Price £ 5.99 Binding: Paperback Publication date 01/04/11

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Reader Comments

great book
Truly lovely book!
Great book! Nice illustrations and interesting story!
lovely illustrations. anything with a horrible smell catches the attention of small children. ,a great book
A really cute book with funny rhymes and appealing illustrations. As a children's author myself and a grandfather of four young ones I highly recommend it. A must for any bookshelf!
fantastic book!
Both Dan and Mark I have represented for over 8 years, i have seen them grow into the most hilarious story tellers ever- I wish them every success with this simply deliciously funny book !! This definitely gets my vote!!
Incredible character illustrations by Mark Chambers in this book.
Lovely book with great illustrations. My daughters loved it.
Best book EVER !!! My kids adore it !!! The illustrations are simply breathtaking !!
fantastically fun book to read!
Fantastic book with great illustrations
Beautifully illustrated by one of Glyndwr's graduates (Dan was always very talented). It's lovely to see how his illustration have brought this lovely story to life....
wonderful book with beautiful illustrations
Very entertaining and educational book
A wonderful book for children, beautifully illustrated.
Great book
Really funny rhyming story! Mark Chamber's illustrations perfectly capture the mayhem that ensues following the skunk unleashing an unsavoury smell. Amber, Primary School Teacher.
As an elementary teacher, I highly recommend this captivating story book that any child will enjoy! It is educational as well as a lot of fun to read.
A fantastic addition to children's stories. My children particularly enjoyed the comical illustrations.
Fantastic book, fun to read and the kids love it!!
Great book for bed time reading!
A fantastic picture storybook by a talented creative duo!
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