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Calling London
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Calling London

Subtitle How a city's dispossessed found a voice
By David Cohen
ISBN 978-1-900625-01-2
Autumn 2011


When investigative journalist David Cohen was asked by his editor Geordie Greig to write a series of pieces on poverty in London, neither knew how dark a shadow they would uncover. The response from readers was unprecedented, and those articles led to a campaign which in turn led to a £ 7 million Dispossessed Fund. All proceeds go to the Dispossessed Fund.

Author's Biography

David Cohen is the chief feature writer of the London Evening Standard and author of the paper’s award-winning Dispossessed campaign, which won Campaign of the Year and the Cudlipp Award at the 2010 British Press Awards. Cohen has been a journalist for 20 years, writing exclusively for the Evening Standard since 2002.


Price  £10                Binding:  Paperback   Publication date  07/09/2011

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