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Viking Gold
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Viking Gold

By V. Campbell
Published by Fledgling Press Ltd
ISBN 9781905916290
Category Historical Fiction 11yrs-14yrs
Winter 2011


V. Campbell's debut novel is a thrilling tale of action and adventure, of love and loss, and the power of an unlikely friendship; join Redknee as he seeks out his destiny on the shores of the Promised Land. Viking Gold will grip teenage readers

Author's Biography

V. Campbell is married and lives in Glasgow, where she organises a literary salon for writers and publishing professionals. She likes long road trips, procrastinating and watching TV late into the night when all normal people are asleep.


Price £8.99 Binding: Paperback

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Reader Comments

Viking Gold is amazing, a real page-turner with lots of action and adventure. My son loved it, and so did I!
A really good read, a book you can get lost in, nicely done, we really enjoyed it.
Although a teen book I read my daughters copy and thoroughly enjoyed this novel. Full of action and interesting characters it kept my interest right to the conclusion. The author V Campbell is obviously very knowledgeable about Viking history and I also learned something about the Viking way of life.
This is a great read, loved every page.
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