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By Paul Laszlo
Published by Urbantopia Books
ISBN 978-0956452276
Category Children. Age 7-11. 13 illustrations
Winter 2011


His new teacher is the overly organized Ms. Grayston. Imagine his surprise at the start of the new school year when arrives late for work after collecting four traffic tickets, she breaks the classroom’s TV set, and puts on red felt marker instead of lipstick. And that’s just the beginning!

Author's Biography

Paul Laszlo is a Canadian primary school teacher. He has written other non fiction books but this is his first children's book.


Price £ 7.99 Binding Paperback Publication date 30/09/2011
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Reader Comments

this book suitable for the children. realy fun..........................hoooou
very nice story .it's really funny
I read this to my 6 year old daughter. Now every time someone does something clumsy she says, "Klutzymatosis!"
funny! funny! funny! good luck from your supporters in Malaysia!
intelligent and very funny
The nice thing about this book is that it is a true children's book, cheerful, lighthearted fun with the occasional serious moment and places where the author wants children to think about the ways of the world, but always keeping the fun element. There are no knives, psychopaths or themes that have many parents thinking, "Mmm,should a child of that age being reading that?" It's sheer innocence. Modern yet timeless.
brilliant! and there's so much going on in this story, so much humour, so much detail, it feels like you're in Toronto with clumsiness all around you
make this into a movie!
This book isn't only funny, it's plain clever. It also has layers. Children will enjoy it and adults reading it to their children will enjoy the humour secretly aimed at them. Teachers will also recognise pupils and classroom situations. There's even a clever letter at the end all about the misuse of homophones. It has something for everyone.
Very funny!
superb writing!
excellent kids book very entertaining and witty. I recommend it to any teacher, parents and kids
It's a delightful book, which I really enjoyed. A good, colourful and unusual story from beginning to end, and I liked the way the author put in a lot of local colour about living in Toronto, and elementary schooling in particular. The central premise of klutziness was so compelling, and I also loved finding out about different cultures and countries. There are plenty of "laugh-out-loud" moments and some are brilliant! All in all, a great and refreshing read. Let's hope it shoots up the bestseller lists!
Wonderfully funny book, superbly written!
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