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Life Behind Bars
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Life Behind Bars

Subtitle Confessions of a Pub Landlady
By Kate McGregor and Linda Tweedie
Published by Fledgling Press Ltd
ISBN 9781905916429
Category Humour
Winter 2011


This hilariously funny collection of tales will have your sides splitting as Kate and Linda recount some of their most memorable experiences as pub landladies. Life behind Bars: Confessions of a Pub Landlady is an exhilarating account of life in the licensed trade.

Author's Biography

Kate and Linda have spent 25 years in the licensed trade in East Lothian and Midlothian. They are currently pursuing other interests due to the decline of the pub trade.


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Reader Comments

its a really good book and funny as well
Loved it!
If ever there were a people's book, this is it; just brilliant.
A hilarious collection of tales from behind the bar of a pub. I recognised a few of the character types mentioned in the book.
Side-splitting stories throughout, it's a fantastic read. One to pick up and enjoy from whichever page you land on
Fantastic read and hilarious!!!! Some really great stories :-)
This is one of the funniest books I have read in a long time - I laughed until I cried at some of the stories!
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