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Rogue Command
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Rogue Command

By A J Marshall
Published by MPress Books Ltd.
ISBN 9780955188640
Category Thriller/Crime/Science fiction
Winter 2011


Rogue Command’ begins with a catastrophe for mankind – the result of an unexpected, unprecedented and obscene criminal conspiracy – and then continues with action across our solar system. There is a battle for the Moon, a mystical element and finally a ‘human’ one. Rogue Command completes the commended Kalahari Series. Expertly contrived, cleverly written, accurately researched and with galloping pace, “Rogue Command” is a fitting conclusion to the Kalahari adventure.

Author's Biography

Andrew was born in South Wales, but grew up in the London area. As a teenager, he joined the Royal Navy where he studied aeronautical engineering before transferring to flying duties. After the military he joined the airlines and gained experience in a variety of sectors. Presently he flies business jets. Andrew began his literary career writing short stories and drama. His love of aviation, space and science reflects in his work where his novels have been described as “science fiction at its most believable”. He is presently working on his new five-book First Colony Series.


“The pyramid's origin, the Atlantis mystery, a quest for clean energy, a travel through space and time . . . . It's been a while since I've read such a well-crafted sci-fi book.” Evelyne Van de Camp, Air Traffic Control officer, Belgium “A searing indictment of what the future holds, told with precision and verve.” Christopher Powell, Garage Proprietor, UK “Reality or a glimpse into the future – this book blurs the dividing line. An inspiring novel that opens a whole new world for the reader; nothing less than compelling.” Susan Hooker Teacher, UK “Highly Commended” - The Yeovil Literary Prize “Richard Reece is tomorrow’s hero, solving today’s manmade problems, using yesterday’s knowledge of ancient civilizations . . . not your average science fiction blockbuster: fun, racy, pacy and thought provoking . . .”Nicola Wakefield, Events organiser, UK Price £6.99 Binding: Paperback Publication date 01/09/11

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Reader Comments

Will make a terrific film.
I loved reading the first four books and this one is brilliant.
Brilliant book that held me spell bound for hours...
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