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Rules of the Road
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Rules of the Road

By Mike Manson
Published by Tangent Books
ISBN 978-1906477493
Category Humour
Winter 2011


The summer of 1975. Felix and Boz travel across Europe to Matala, Greece, looking for love and adventure. Or whatever comes their way. A funny and quirky tale about seeking love, evading responsibility and coming to terms with adulthood.

Author's Biography

Mike Manson is the author of ‘Where’s My Money?’(Tangent Books). He is an editor of the Bristol Review of Books and was chair of the judges of the 2009 Bristol Short Story Prize.


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Reader Comments

I've discovered how to read again - thankyou
Took me right back to my hitchhiking days! VERY very funny book
A really entertaining book. This would make a great film too.
a gem of a read!
During such depressing times, it was wonderful to pick up Mike Manson's Rules of the Road and laugh out loud!
REALLY made me laugh out loud! Took me strsight back to my hitching years
Hilarious, a great read.
I have now read this book twice, and I laughed in different places each time. It's just what I needed to cheer up a British winter.
Another quality read from Mike Manson. Thoroughly recommended
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