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Angels, Dragons and Vultures
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Angels, Dragons and Vultures

Subtitle How to tame your investors…and not lose your Company: Capital Advice for Entrepreneurs
By Simon Acland
ISBN 9781857885514
Category Business
Spring 2012


Angels, Dragons and Vultures is a guide for entrepreneurs to all aspects of venture capital. It provides advice on different sources of funding, suggests how to raise money successfully, and exposes the implications of different deals. Then it tells you how to manage your new investors and maps out the route to a successful exit.

Author's Biography

Simon Acland enjoyed a successful 25 year venture capital career. He was Managing Director of Quester, one of the UK’s most active early stage technology investors. He has been on the Board of many companies, most of which have been successfully sold or floated on various stock exchanges.


“Anyone seeking outside investment from either an angel or a venture capitalist should read this first” Director Magazine “Entrepreneurs can expect to see a healthy return from buying this authoritative guide to finding capital and keeping investors sweet” Management Today “For anyone looking to expand his or her business or planning to launch a new one, this book is a must read." Financial Director “Down to earth, readable and often humorous. Well worth a read." Sir Richard Branson Price £ 16.99 Paperback

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Reader Comments

I crossed from Corporate to VC, partly due to the Author's insights into the VC industry. Back then it took me a few lunches to extract his experience of the sector. Now everyone can benefit via this insightful read!
Essential reading to demytsify the world of investment for anyone starting a business
Any UK business considering raising venture capital should read this; so should anyone starting out on a career in venture capital. It is balanced, comprehensive and very useful.
Witty, factual and ridiculously useful.
Gives a tremendous amount of practical information, accessible technical explanation for people who are new to the field, and advice, all while being a witty and fun read!
Masterly - no one knows this field better!
Well worth a read and very helpful.
Brilliant book. I loved it, highly recommend to everyone!
Highly readable. Bravo Mr Acland.
A very easy to read guide on how VCs work. Any entrepreneurs considering raising equity for their business venture would benefit from reading this book.
strangely I found this after reading Simon's The Waste Land (which is worth buying). Was intrigued to see if he cld carry off a "technical" book with the same skill as he did with his work of fiction. He has.
If only this book had been available BEFORE Simon invested in my business...
Practical, friendly and very valuable advice for company founders - delivered in a very clear and accessible way.
this is the 'inside story' written in a hugely accessible way by someone who knows how it works and what the pitfalls are for the wannabe entrepreneur
As an entrepreneur a good book to read.
I wish I'd read this book before doing an MBO. Very readable and excellent down to earth advice. A 'must read' for anyone involved or thinking of becoming involved with Venture Capital or Private Equity.
Humour in a tense domain ... a very welcome, and wise, antidote to so many other dull business book offerings.
It is one of the most well put together books on raising money you will ever find and I recommend it to all people about to embark on raising money
Invaluable guide for me, a small business director with big plans
A highly informed and very readable guide: great reading for the entrepreneur; sometimes uncomfortable reading for the venture capitalist.
Mr. Acland has the temerity to ask in Chapter One: "Venture Capital: Are You Sure You Want It?" After reading this excellent book, the answer may be no. Blunt, incisive, and often humorous advice. Highly recommended by this Silicon Valley CFO.
Anyone buying this book, and taking serious note, is quite likely to see a enormous return on their investment of time and money on this book. The investors the author writes about would kill (well OK not quite) but they would do a lot for that: As the author illustrates.
Everything you'll need to know on the subject and readable too!
gripping stuff!
This book was a very good analysis and description of the challenges that entrepreneurs encounter when dealing with Venture Capitalists. It is made much more accessible (and enjoyable)by the anecdotal evidence that Simon supplies
A must read for anyone raising money from investors. An excellent book!
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