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Behind the Rainbow
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Behind the Rainbow

Subtitle The Tragic Life of Eva Cassidy’
By Johan Bakker
ISBN 978-1-78038-231-9
Category Biography
Spring 2012


Eva Cassidy’s story is one of the most compelling and poignant in recent music history. In this thoughtful and probing biography Johan Bakker re-evaluates her brief performing career and the fame that only came after her death at the age of 33.

Author's Biography

Johan Bakker is a music and arts journalist who writes for Dutch daily newspaper Nederlands Dagblad and CV.Koers magazine. He has also published plays, short stories and song lyrics. He lives in Rotterdam but frequents the UK.


Price £16.95 Hardcover

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Reader Comments

Leuk boek!
Great book of marvellous artist Eva!
Great! Touching story!
A must have for music lovers
Great book loved reading it
Very well composed!
Great book
Johan Bakker is a great writer!
Yeah! That's a great book. Finally honored with this book.
I love the music from Eva and now got to know the story behind it.
a short live for a great woman, good book!
It's time to honour Eva as one of the most versatile, authentic amd gifted singers the world has ever seen. This excellent book puts Eva Cassidy back in the spotlight.
Great book for a great singer!
Great debut for rookie Johan Bakker.
Great book!
Great book!!!!
Absolutely marvelous
A fascinating and insightful read. A must have for any fan of the wonderful Eva Cassidy.
The book every Eva Cassidy fan has been waiting for, and what a great read it is!
great book
A great book!
Great Book!
Written with a raw passion and a pure sensitivity, like Eva's songs.
Taken from live, Johan's Eva biog, you read it at a spell.
A marvellous book about Eva's live
Here in Holland we like the song of Eva Cassidy A marvellous book about Eva,s short live.
marvellous and astonishing
a thorough study about Eva Cassidy
Great Book, a must have
Great book, about a great singer.
Johan's book is fascinating like Eva's voice.
Fantastically written - a real insight into Eva's all too short life. A must read.
Intrigueing life story
A great read about an artist who died far too young.
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