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Two Little Dicky Birds
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Two Little Dicky Birds

By Neal James
ISBN 978-1-905809-93-6
Category thriller/crime
Spring 2012


Detective thriller with a tightly-woven plot around the chase for a serial killer, whose reign of terror lasts 15 years. The serial killer re-emerges, threatens a new campaign and gives the Met 28 days to catch him. It seems that the only person who can identify the killer has died.

Author's Biography

Neal James lives in Derbyshire, an accountant for 30 years and has been writing since 2007. He has four published works and four more in planning. His books have found their way all across the world, and have received many good reviews.


This is an incredible crime thriller with plotlines and subsidiary plots weaving in and out. ...not for the faint-hearted! Daily Express Price £8.99 Binding: Paperback

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Reader Comments

Excellent plotting. It drives along at a great pace.
My vote is for "Two Little Dicky Birds" by Neal James, it;s brilliant!
Great read, couldn't put it down!
Excellent author. Would recommend everyone to his work.
A psychological thriller revolving around a UK serial killer and the efforts to catch him. The novel is well written and quick to read--I read it in three days--yet a very complex story none-the-less that jumps back and forth between two storylines: one in 2002, after police receive a letter from the serial killer who has stopped for a decade and is giving them four weeks to find him before he resumes; the other is back during the 15 year killing spree in the 70's. The author well handles the difficult task of multiple/intertwined plots in the book. The format of the novel worked well. Short chapters, each covering a single day, moving back and forth between the two timelines and at times, skipping as much as five years in the older one. This allowed for the story to remain well focused at all times on a primary overall plot and at no time does it veer away from the action. Also, it caused me to continually say "OK, one more chapter" and before I knew it, that would turn into reading a hundred pages. The story is richer and more complex than the run-of-the-mill mystery novel and was a quick, highly engaging read.
Neal James Two Little Dicky Birds
I vote for Two Little Dicky Birds By Neal James An intriguing and remarkable storyline!
Could not put it down! Please write more soon!
A book worthy of recognition!
Exciting page turner... deserves to win!
A novel that meets the expectations set by the authors previous work. A good read!
Brilliant book!!!
Check this awesome page-turning thriller by Neal James out today!
Enjoyed this greatly. Well written with unexpected plot line - look forward to reading more of is books. This one is a great start.
An excellent read. Would be a very deserving winner.
Awesome book!
HAVE A GREAT WEEK! :-) AbroNomaa Books voting for Two Little Dicky Birds, Buy this book By Neal James. Spring 2012
Gripping thriller. Neal at his best.
I found this book extremly hard to put down, and would suggest it to anybody even slightly into the genre.
This book embarks you in one of the most gripping and thrilling detective story ever written. His talent as a writer has to be recognized.
Great book. Great author. Couldn't put it down.
Fast pace thriller. Could not put this book down. Highly recommend.
This was fun to read. James writes at a very quick pace, and leaves you little time to breath before the next twist comes. It's that quickness, and twisting of the knife, that I really love about this book and the stuff James comes up with. I strongly recommend it for an easy-reading thrill ride. It certainly is hard to put down. And it gets my vote, for sure.
Wonderfully taut, tense thriller - couldn't put it down.
A great read with plenty of twists and turns, I couldn't put it down and really enjoyed this book.
This book was amazing! I couldn't put it down and it stayed with me long after I had finished the last page! A must read and a worthy winner!
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