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Ninja Nan and Sidekick Grandad
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Ninja Nan and Sidekick Grandad

By Annaliese Matheron
ISBN 978-1-4478-3079-5
Category 8 yrs – 12 yrs
Spring 2012


Adventure and laughs abound in this action packed adventure which will have children wondering if their grandparent is actually a member of a secret government agency, as Ben uncovers the highly classified secret held by his grandparents and the other old folks of Honeypot Grove.

Author's Biography

Annaliese Matheron lives in Suffolk with her partner and their three home educated children. Annaliese has been actively writing for five years since completing a degree in English language and Literature which reawakened her passion for writing. She is the author of the Ninja Nan series and the forthcoming Wolflore books.


"I thought that Ninja Nan and Sidekick Grandad was absolutely amazing. I'm always saying I'm bored at Nan and Grandads, if they were ninjas I would never be bored." Ellie Cross ,age 11. "It was an absolute page turner, when I finished it and had gotten over the shock of the whole idea I found myself wishing for more." Fiona McGeachy, age 10. "I wish our toilet did what the members of the NPS toilets do. Ninja Nan and Sidekick Grandad is so good they should make it in to a series.' Samuel Grooms, age 11 and a half. "A truly exciting read, I shall never think of grandparents being boring again."Amy Rebecca Jamison, age 11. "An excellent book; really intriguing and stuffed full of adventure and mystery!" Crispin Peet, age 10. "How can old bones move like that!” Lewis Pinion, age 10. "It is a page turner and also it is action packed."Jemma Reynolds, age 9. "I loved this book, it was so funny.”Matthew Turner, age 11. "The best book I have ever read. Couldn't put it down, amazing!"Tia Cole, age 11. Reviews given by the pupils of Saxmundham middle School Price £5.49 Paperback

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Reader Comments

Good Luck
Looking forward to reading it with my daughter
Loved it to bits and so did my children!
This book was absolutely brilliant it was the best book I've ever read and I even got it signed by the author. Adam Stapleton age 10
I brought it for my nephew and he loves it. the author was so kind and signed it for him. now he won't put it down. he says it is the best book he has ever read. I must admit even I think it is brilliant.
My 7 year old daughter says it was superb!
Never had my kids sit so still and take such an intrest in a book.Did a couple of chapters per night. I have never had them ask to go to bed so early so I could read the next chapters. Thank you,Thank you,bring on the next book
Great book for the kids!
A great read
I bought this book for my daughter who read it with her not-so Ninja Nan they both loved the book and giggled together the whole way through! Fantastic!
good book loved it soo much
This is a great book :)
A book that kids love, but more adults in the family are reading it too!! Look forward to the Trio....Trio!
I bought this book for my 8 year old niece and she loves it! Its funny and really captures children's imagination, I can't wait for Annaliese to publish more books :) Your going to be a very successful author xx
I read this book to my 5 year old, a chapter each night and she loved the story and was looking forward to each new chapter. We reccomend it!
mt 2 daughters love this book its the 1st one they reach for at bedtime fantastic read and well done to the author see me being sidekick "grandad" in 20plus yrs
This is an excellent read. Humorous and imaginative - and with huge appeal for children. Go Ninja Nan!
This is such a wonderfully funny book. Just the right mix of adventure and humour. I enjoyed it as much as my children; everyone should have a Ninja Nan!
A warmly written and superbly funny adventure story for young readers, which will entertain them to the very last page.
Full of excitement, excellent book my two children loved it!
Well done very proud of you - Love the book x
Fantastic read! My son and I struggled to put the book down and we cant wait to read the 2nd book. Jake is 6 and was on the edge of his seat for most of the book. 10/10
Here we have a new author who understands the charming idiodyncrasies that family members share and the humour and dynamics of relatives, and still manages to overlay a reassuring message of cooperation and jest for your children to soak up. Ninja Nan holds a good look at our humorous disposition and keeps it fun, atmospheric and suspenseful all the way through. A welcome member to the literary community!
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