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The Misadventures of Chico Chugg
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The Misadventures of Chico Chugg

By Janet Roberts
Published by Olympia Publishers
ISBN 978-1848971967
Category 8-11 yrs
Spring 2012


In this totally enchanting tale of the mishaps and other delightful adventures shared by Chico, a lovable small pet dog with his owners, the Chugg family, is beautifully told with expressive descriptive dialogue and the emphasis on looking at the world from a small dog's point of view.

Author's Biography

Janet Roberts is a mother of three and an ex primary school deputy head. She retired early, sold her house and now lives on a narrow boat with her husband and their Jack Russell Chico.


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Reader Comments

I bought this book for my two nieces, one of whom lives in New Zealand. They really loved it and so did the 'grown-ups.' I have had the honour of meeting Chico in real life and can honestly say that he's just as adorable as in his fun filled stories. Can't wait for the next book, there's a 'few' other smaller people looking forward to it too!
we just love this book, its great for the whole family! we met chico and jan at our school today, cico is a massive hit with everyone and jan is so passionate and inspiring, we really hope she wins!
I bought this book for my twin 7 year old nieces: they were thrilled today to meet Chico in person today! I read the book before giving it to my nieces & it is a lovely, well written, beautifully descriptive story, giving you enough information to let your imagination fly. I live the work that Jan is doing in schools as a result of this book: Jan and Chico truly deserve to win the first prize.
A lovely read.
Stumbled upon this book through Mike. Loved reading the extract, very well written and it makes me want to read more, which is good enough for me to vote for this delightful story it seems. Well written and I reckon it's not just for children. Will recommend it to others once i have written the whole book - and I will.
My daughter was thrilled to meet Chico when Janet Roberts visited her school. She enjoyed the extract that Janet read and we have bought the book to finish at home.
a lovely little book, easy to read, sweet story, my 7 year old found it easy to read. she particularly liked it because her father owns a narrow boat and he also has little brown and white jack russel and he is called olly. so the book was relevant to her life. Lovely thank you
What an enchanting read. Bought one each for my neice and nephew, could not resist having a read myself, it was fab!!!
Janet came to my school and read a bit of the book to us, it was a great story and I have bought the book to read at home. Chico is very cute! Ella age 7
Very good book for bedtimes. It's a lovely story. Chico is really mischievous. I love narrow boats so its a great story for me! Haydn-Rose
I haven't read this but the author read it at school and it seems like a really good book. This one get's my vote.
Lovely story! Hope the next one is just round the corner.
Great book janet - My 10 year old daughter loves the book
Excellent Jan. Let's get you to No1 in NZ. Kevin
My 10 year old daughter throoughly enjoyed this book.
Fantastic story, realistic and wonderful characterisation and very funny. My son loved it being read to him and has since read it himself. Can't wait for second installment.
I own Scrappy and love this book and the way Janet has captured him on paper. A great read fro adults and children.
My son never tires of listening to this story and he often sneaks it to bed to read it under the covers. Great to hear about life on the canals too. Thank you. Sam and James x
My daughter loves this book and can't wait for the next one to be published.
This book is so nice, my favourite part was when the cake fell in the river - Matthew, age 6
The book was wundifl and I heard all the inventchers that you had been up to
This is a great little book and really depicts life on the canals. We have read the tales and have really enjoyed them and we dont have children!! We are waiting for the next exciting installment. Jane,Simon and dogs
A lovely book about a lovely little dog whose adventures have captivated our grandchildren. Well done Jan, looking forward to the next one.
Great read Jan - we are really looking forward to the next book.
My children loved it! Please vote for this book, it totally derserves to win!
My son loves this book and can't wait to read the next one!
Anji & Harley can't wait until the next episode.
The book was great, it was really funny seeing life from a dog's perspective. I am really looking forward to the next one. Alex Cooke
Trevor and Harley loved Chico's exploits. Harley would love to meet Chico on the towpath!
A fantastic story that hooked my class completely because it was so real and amusing. We loved it and await the next ones eagerly.
A lovely read and lot's of fun!
Really enjoyed the book. The children loved it and so did I. Can't wait for the next book.
Janet Roberts was my teacher and i loved hearing about the real Chico Chugg! This book was a great read and my favourite character was Flossie the
it is really good! Nathan age 7
Lovely and charming story, told from the unique perspective of a jack russell puppy! My kids loved it and laughed all the way through! Great to read to younger children and be read by the older ones!
A beautifully written book that all the children love to read.
This book was filled with action and some funny scenes.
My kids absolutely adore Chico, and I loved reading it to them. It's only a matter of time now before they will be reading it again on their own!
"This is when it all became a bit of a blur...". Witty, brilliantly written, and superbly set. It doesn't take long before you learn to eagerly anticipate the clever build up in every chapter. Kudos to Ms. Roberts on her delightfully imaginative storytelling! This book will leave you wanting to read more of Chico Chugg's new misadventures....Is it too soon to ask for seconds?
Great writing...
Well done Janet it was a lovely book. Can't wait for the next one ...
This book is an absolute treasure! Beautifully written, the dialogue is descriptive and engaging. The imaginative scribbles add great colour to the text. This book is an immediate classic, a wonderful addition to memorable children's literature. More books please and perhaps soon an animated film!
I really enjoyed reading this book to my children. They really grew to love Chico and the Chugg family. Looks like a narrowboat holiday this year then!
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