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The Incomers
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The Incomers

By Moira McPartlin
Published by Fledgling Press Ltd
ISBN 9781905916450
Summer 2012


Mission-raised Ellie Amadi expects to live a dream life when she and her son Nat leave home in West Africa to join her white, estate factor, husband James in the Fife mining village of Hollyburn. In 1966 Fife, mixed marriages are unusual, never mind interracial ones, and Ellie soon witnesses the villagers’ ignorance of outsiders.

Author's Biography

Moira McPartlin was born in the Borders but grew up in a small Fife mining village. She lives in Stirlingshire with her husband Colin. She resigned from a global position with Shell Oil in 2005 to concentrate on writing. The Incomers is her debut novel.


An accomplished debut novel ... The Incomers is a comment on the universality of prejudice as well as an emotive work of fiction. - Alastair Mabbott, The Herald. Price £9.99 Binding: Paperback

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Reader Comments

A very moving story. Anyone who has ever been 'a stranger' in a different place can empathise with Ellie. Small town gossip is rife in every community.
A potential social hand grenade of a book tackling taboo topics of the past, and disticntly making the connection that these are still prevalent in the present. Would recommend this to anyone!
An relevant, important read.
A fantastic first book. I thoroughly enjoyed the "banter". Look forward to Moira's next book!!
A great book - suspense from first page to the last.
Excellent reading, can't put it down full of drama and suspense!
An important subject tackled with sympathy and verve
A brilliant read which was thought provoking. Looking forward to more from this author.
Thought provoking. It is difficult 50 years on to comprehend the bigotry and prejudice that was routine in the 1960s. This book is good social history and a reminder of the period.
Fantastic book!
An absorbing and fantastic book!
Great reading,witty,Intriguing,thoroughly enjoyed it
Excellent read.. A real page turner, given that the journey of Ellie was never going to be clear cut, with surprises around the corner of every page. The Author has produced a wonderful debut novel where you as the reader are forced to confront your own 'below the surface' prejudices... The ones you never knew you had!!
A very evocative book with a strong, interesting central character and a worthwhile social comment, last but not least it is well written with an unusual narrative device that makes you feel part of the community.
Terrific characterisation and I loved the evocative memories of Scotland in the 1960's.
Real sense of time and place.
A fantastic read - did not want to put it down.
I couldn't put this book down. Best read in a long time...superb!
A little corner of Scotland all lit up and lively. Set years ago but relevant world-wide today. This is the kind of book that big publishers miss because it's too 'niche' but this is book is local and 'universal' at the same time.
Very realistic and accurate portrayal of the experiences of 'incomers'. With lots of lovely detail of Scottish life in the 60's, following Ellie's journey is, in turn, funny, poignant and provoking.
This layered, lush and evocative book manages to balance thoughtful themes with a compelling pace, intriguing characters and dashes of wit. Written with skill, warmth and courage. A lovely read.
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