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Summer Lies
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Summer Lies

By Bernhard Schlink
ISBN 978 0297867005
Category Short stories
Winter 2012


A conversation between strangers on a long-haul flight will change lives for ever; one night in Baden-Baden will threaten to tear a couple apart; a meeting with an ex-lover will give a divorcee a second chance; holiday lovers will struggle in the harsh reality of daily routine...

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Author's Biography

Bernhard Schlink was born in Germany is 1944. A professor of law at Humboldt University, Berlin, and Cardozo Law School, New York, he is the author of the major international bestselling novel and film THE READER, short story collection FLIGHTS OF LOVE and several prize-winning crime novels. He lives in Berlin and New York.


Each story in 'Summer Lies' has heft, solidity - even more of an accomplishment given the delicate, fleeting emotions it captures.' LISA ZEIDNER, NEW YORK TIMES 'Summer Lies is pleasingly dark in its reflections on disappointment and sorrow in adult life. […] Admirers of The Reader will not be disappointed.' Ian Thomson FINANCIAL TIMES 

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