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Crow Boy
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Crow Boy

By Philip Caveney
Published by Fledgling Press Ltd
ISBN 9781905916559
Category Historical
Spring 2013


A school trip to the historic site of Mary King’s Close, finds Tom transported back to 1645, the year of the Edinburgh plague. Apprenticed to a violent plague doctor, Tom needs to use all of his modern-day skills to survive while searching for a way to return to 2012.

Author's Biography

Philip is the acclaimed author of two very successful teen series: the Alec Devlin Mysteries and The Sebastian Darke thrillers. He has also written adult thrillers too.


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Reader Comments

A pacy, evocative and scary read, dripping with ye olde Edinburgh detail!
Brilliant book. the characters are so real. It has definitely made me want to visit Edinburgh and in particular Mary King's Close,
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