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The Hurting
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The Hurting

Subtitle The Glasgow Terror
By R.J. Mitchell
Published by Fledgling Press Ltd
ISBN 9781905916511
Category crime/thriller
Spring 2013


Following on from his adventures in 'Parallel Lines: The Glasgow Supremacy', Gus Thoroughgood finds himself rejoining the Glasgow Police force under duress, after handing in his resignation. DS Thoroughgood and DC Hardie find themselves embroiled in a fast-paced, rollercoaster ride through Glasgow's seedy underworld and that of international terrorism.

Author's Biography

R.J. Mitchell graduated from Glasgow University in 1989 with a master's degree in Medieval History before joining Strathclyde Police Service. After 12 years, he started a new career as a journalist with the Glasgow Evening Times. ‘The Hurting: The Glasgow Terror’ is his second novel centering on DS Gus Thoroughgood.


 â€œThe locations ring true even as characters and scenarios take on violent and exaggerated twists... a timely addition to the Tartan Noir genre.” Alan Morrison, Group Arts Editor, Herald & Times 

 â€œA fast-moving thriller in which two desperate Glasgow CID officers try to thwart a Jihad on their own doorstep.” Russell Leadbetter, Glasgow Evening Times 

Price: £9.99

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Reader Comments

Wow - what a book best read this year, !!!!! Loving the action, drama and the love scenes. /when is the next one coming out, need to find out what happens to the characters.
excellent book
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