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By Deborah Harvey
ISBN 9780957474208
Category Historical
Summer 2013


Dartmoor, Winter, 1348 The Black Death is ravaging the British Isles and the only remedies are prayer … and witchcraft. Tobias Hext is in love with Beatrice but in nearby Tavystoke, the townsfolk are dying of some terrible fever, and it’s creeping ever closer to their village ...

Author's Biography

Deborah Harvey has a degree in Russian and German, and a passion for language. A single parent to four offspring, she works part time in a school for deaf children and also for her elder son who has autistic spectrum disorder. Deborah’s first collection of poetry, Communion, was published 2011.


Dart will whirl you away to a time and place distant yet familiar - Julie Hearn, novelist This story is so real, you’ll want to take the characters down to Millets to buy them waterproof jackets and boots!- Reg Meuross

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