Winners for 2009/2010

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The People's Book Prize - and the winners for 2009/10 are...

The People's Book Prize Inaugural Award Ceremony took place at the elegant Stationers Hall on Wednesday 21st July.  Authors, publishers, presenters and members of the press including SKY TV attended the glittering evening at Stationers Hall.

The People's Book  annual prize was awarded to the top authors of Non-Fiction, Fiction and Children.  A special award, The Beryl Bainbridge Award for First Time Author, was introduced to honour the memory of the late author who was a founding patron of the prize

A Kind of Vanishing Fiction - A Kind of Vanishing by Lesley Thomson (Myriad Editions) presented by Count Andrei Tolstoy-Miloslavsky
3+1 Non-fiction - The 3+1 Plan by Brett Alegre-Wood (Delancey Press) presented by Christopher McKane, Master of The Worshipful Company of Stationers.
Mr Stink Children - Mr. Stink by David Walliams (HarperCollins) accepted by Kate Bostock from the Publishers Assocation on behalf of the author.
The Beryl Bainbridge Award for a First Time Author
Erie Deirdre Darkly The Beryl Bainbridge Award for a First Time Author - Eerie Deirdre Darkly by Adam Perrott (Clementine Publishing) presented by Lady Barran.

Fiction - A Kind of Vanishing by Lesley Thomson (Myriad Editions)

Synopsis: In the summer of 1968, two nine-year-old girls are playing hide and seek in the ruins of a deserted village. When it is Eleanor's turn to hide, Alice disappears. Years later, an extraordinary turn of events opens up shocking truths for the Ramsay family and all who knew the missing girl.

Author's Biography:  Lesley Thomson's first novel, Seven Miles from Sydney ("Compelling" Times on Sunday; "Bold and imaginative" Time Out) is a crime thriller set in Australia. She also co-wrote actress Sue Johnston's autobiography Hold on to the Messy Times. She grew up in London and now lives in Lewes, East Sussex.

 Non-fiction - The 3+1 Plan by Brett Alegre-Wood (Delancey Press)

Synopsis: The 3+1 Plan is a simple step-by-step guide to building a portfolio of just 4 properties to fund the lifestyle you've always dreamed of.
Time-proven strategies that will safely guide you through any economic boom, bust, recession or downturn. You don't need years of training, huge amounts of capital or luck to achieve outstanding results!
The 3 + 1 Plan is more than just an answer to your failing pension. It IS your new pension.

Author's Biography: Brett Alegre-Wood was born and educated in Australia and now lives and works in London. He is the founder and chairman of the leading free property investment & education website in the UK -

Children's - Mr. Stink by David Walliams (Harper Collins)

Synopsis: Chloe sees Mr Stink every day, but she's never spoken to him, which isn't surprising, because he's a tramp, and he stinks.
But there's more to Mr Stink than meets the eye (or nose) and before she knows it, Chloe has an unusual new friend hiding in her garden shed.
As Chloe struggles to keep Mr Stink a secret, and her dad tries to hide a secret of his own, the stage is set for an epic family confrontation. But there's one other person with an extraordinary secret - Mr Stink himself.
Author's Biography: David Walliams is an actor and writer best known for his work with Matt Lucas in the multi-award winning sketch show Little Britain. His first novel was The Boy in the Dress, which had great success. This is his second and most recent novel.

The Beryl Bainbridge Award for a First Time Author - Eerie Deirdre Darkly by Adam Perrott (Clementine Publishing)

Synopsis: A funny tale of monstrous humans and humane monsters with a  one-eyed octopus called Barbara and a mouse called Alan thrown in for good measure. Oh and a little girl called Deirdre who isn't quite what she seems...

Author's Biography: Adam started his career around books as a bookseller for Hammick's, Ottaker's and then Waterstone's. The birth of his first child saw him leaving work to concentrate on caring for his son and writing full time. Eerie Deirdre Darkly is his first book and is the first in a series.

All 36 finalists are listed here 

Founding Patron:  Dame Beryl Bainbridge

Dame Beryl Bainbridge, who died in London on 2 July 2010, was TPBP's  Founding Patron. This famous personality in the literary world will be greatly missed but will remain an inspiration to us all.

Dame Beryl's great support to The People's Book Prize has been of immense value to us. In recognition to Dame Beryl, TPBP will have her as the Founding Patron and no other.  TPBP will be a tribute to Dame Beryl and her legacy.  

Her warm words at TPBP's launch will continue to guide us forward.    "Something like this, this idea - which is absolutely amazing - once it takes off, it will be of enormous importance to writers.  I look forward to the time when we mention this particular prize as the greatest - and look back - and remember I was at the meeting at the London Book Fair and think where it has gone!  So I wish it tremendously good luck."

About the venue:

The Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers is one of London's older Livery Companies with its origins in the fourteenth century. In 1403, a guild was formed whose members included text-writers and illuminators, booksellers, bookbinders and suppliers of parchment, pens and paper. They set up fixed-position stalls in St Paul's Churchyard, and were therefore referred to as 'Stationers', as opposed to those operating as itinerant vendors.

Summary of Winners for 2009/2010

Winners for May 2010
  Nemesis ex Nihilo  by  William Pascoe  published by Local Legend Publishing
Non Fiction:
Sensual Pleasures by Sally Farmiloe-Neville  published by Delancey Press
Children's: Love a Duck by Alan Brown  published by
Gullane Children's Books

Winners for April;2010
  Ringturn by John C Mawson published by Local Legend Publishing
Non Fiction:
Stars, Staterooms and Stowaways by Gary K Glading published by Discovery Books
When Dinosaurs Came to Town by Sally Mulholland and Lamorna Bonner-Oakley published by Arthur H Stockwell Ltd

Winners for March 2010
  A Quiet Voice Within  by  Jenny holmes published by Local Legend Publishing
Non Fiction:
Open Up by Carol Belson published by Local Legend Publishing
Children's: Tortoise vs Hare by Preston Rutt published by Meadowise Children's Books

Winners for February 2010
  Black Light by Christian Tremain published by Local Legend Publishing
Non Fiction:
Making Britain Literate by Kevin Norley published by Imprimata Publishers
Children's: Eerie Deirdre Darkly
by Adam Perrott published by Clementine Publishing

Winners for January 2010
 A Kind of Vanishing by Lesley Thomson published by Myriad Editions
Non Fiction:
True Love Cruel fate  by Nicola Wood published by Seven Arches Publishing Ltd
Children's: Mr Stink
by David Walliams  published by Harper Collins Children's Books

Winners for December 2009:
 Soothing Music for Stray Cats  by Jayne Joso  published by Alcemi
Non Fiction:
Bog Standard Britain  by Quentin Letts published by Constable & Robinson
Children's: Bluey Meets Father Christmas
by Phillip King  published by The Jolly Publishing Company Ltd

Winners for November 2009:
 None of the Cadillacs was Pink by William Bedford published by Solidus  
Non Fiction:
Microwave Magic, The Art of 21st Century Cooking by Jennipher Marshall-Jenkinson published by MPress Books Ltd
Children's: Moon Rabbit by Oliver Eade published by Delancey Press Ltd

Winners for October 2009:
 Among Thieves by Mez Packer Published by  Tindal Street Press 
Non Fiction:
Ipswich 'til I Die  by Various supporters Published by Legends Press
Children's: Chip Donovan and the Dragonfly
 by Bill Russell Published by Delancey Press

Winners for September 2009:
 Suckle by Roger Robinson Published by  Flipped Eye Publishing 
Non Fiction:
The 3+1 Plan by Brett Alegre-Wood  Published by Delancey Press
Tales from Olympus by M B O'Reilly  Published by Imprimata Publishers

Winners for August 2009:
 Ventriloquism for Monkeys by Niall O'Sullivan Published by  Flipped Eye Publishing 
Non Fiction:
Wannabe a Writer? by Jane Wenham-Jones  Published by Accent Press Ltd
The Black Pear by Alan Porter Published by Eyelevel Books

Winners for July 2009:
 Heritage of Secrets by Aoife Mannix  Published by  Flipped Eye Publishing 
Non Fiction:
Empires apart by Brian Lander Published by Picnic Publishing
Fritha's Summer by Susan Morris Published by MPress Books Ltd

Winners for June 2009:
  Crazy Horse  by Susan Everett   Published by:  Route Publishing Ltd. 
Non Fiction:
Organic Places to Stay - UK and Ireland  by Linda Moss  Published by:  Green Books 
Brother Egbert and the Carpenter of Willingford   With over 70 illustrations  by Steve Eggleton
Published by:  The Erskine Press

The People's Book Prize' will become the No. 1 Book competition in Britain, because it offers what book-lovers are looking for.

Nothing like this has ever been done in the UK before. You - members of the public - are discovering new talent and helping to get existing authors noticed.

As 'The People's Book Prize' has no panel of judges you, the public, now have a voice. Vote for your favourite books and encourage others to do the same. This is a project in which EVERYBODY can get involved, and where we all gain something. Help us spread the word - united we shall succeed.

So, to our patrons, publishers, librarians, authors, wholesalers, distributors, supporters in the media and the public relations industry and, above all, YOU the public - THANK YOU!

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