Finalists for Spring 2015 (March2015 - May 2015)
Dead Charming  by I D Jackson  published byPercy Publishing
Darke Mission  by Scott Caladon published by Troubador Publishing Ltd g
Pets Aplenty by Malcolm D. Welshman  published by Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd 

Non Fiction:
The Time in Between by Nancy Tucker published by
Icon Books
This Time Round  by
Ray Quinn published by Percy Publishing 
The Essential Carer's Guide to Dementia  by
Mary Jordan  published by Hammersmith Books Limited 

Tommy Parker by Anthony Ormond published by Candy Jar Books
Curious Creatures by Kevin Price  published by KAMA Publishing 
Bernard  by Rob Jones  published by Beast in Show Books 

Finalists for
Winter 2014 (December 2014 - February 2015)
Huber's Tattoo
by Quentin Smith published by Troubador Publishing Ltd
The Honey Trap by DJ Priddle   published by Percy Publishing
Through Another Night by Joe Stein published by Ward Wood Publishing

Non Fiction:
Devil's Playground by Simon Chambers published by Percy Publishing
Dirty Teaching 
by Juliet Robertson  published by Crown House Publishing Limited 
Pamela Hansford Johnson
by Wendy Pollard  published by Shepheard-Walwyn (Publishers) Ltd

Reggie & Me
by Marie Yates  published by Lodestone Books  
The Rise of Agnil  by Susan Navas published by Ant Press
Black Flag  by Matt Langley published by Cambridge University Press

Finalists for Autumn 2014 (September, October, November 2014
For Faughie's Sake  
by Laura Marney  published by Saraband
Cold Call by Colin Llewelyn Chapman  published by Percy Publishing
Escaped From Syria  by Sarah Hussain  published by Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers Ltd

Non Fiction:
How Have I Cheated Death? by Tim Wotton   published by Austin Macauley
Why we dream
by Joe Griffin & Ivan Tyrrell  published by Human Givens Publishing Ltd
Beyond My Control
by Suzan Collins published by Hammersmith Books Limited

Pillow People by Annie Sullivan published by Patrick Hawkins 
Landing On My Feet  by Adelaide Godwin  published by Digital Leaf Limited
The Tale of Ava-Marie Swanson by S.R Green  published by Planta Press

Finalists for Summer 2014 (June, July, August 2014)
Layla by Nina de la Mer  published by Myriad Editions
The Silent Village by Merryn Corcoran  published by Umbria Press 
Hearts of Green  by John Marsh published by Percy Publishing

Non Fiction:
Grumpy Old Menopause by Carol E Wyer  published by Safkhet Publishing 
The Reward Society
by Dr Tom Manion published by Julian Richer Publishing
Good Food Good Health
by Fatima Patel  published by Mediscript Ltd

Think Like A Hero
by Dave Maclean published by Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers Ltd
Hedgehugs by Steve Wilson and Lucy Tapper  published by Maverick Arts Publishing Ltd
Welcome to the World of Felicity Fly Christina Gabbitas  published by Poems and Pictures Ltd 

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