Finalists for Spring 2016 (March, April, May)

The Good Son
by Paul McVeigh published by Salt Publishing Ltd
The Last Fiesta  by Andy Rumbold   published by Red Door Publishing
The Speaker's Wife by Quentin Letts  published by Little Brown Book Group

Non Fiction:
Pavel is a Geordie
by Pavel Srnicek and Will Scott  published by Mojo Risin' Publishing
Re-enchanting the Forest 
by William Ayot published byVala Publishing Cooperative Ltd
On the Nature of Love
by Arthur Farndell   published by Shepheard-Walwyn (Publishers) Ltd

The Tragickall History of Henry Fowst  by Griselda Heppel  published by Matador    
Share Some Secrets by Christina Gabbitas published by Poems and Pictures Ltd
The Gift by Rebecca J. Hubbard  published by Ravenswood Publishing

Finalists for Winter 2015 (December, January, February)

That Special Someone
by Tanya Bullock  published by Blackbird Digital Books
16mm of Innocence by Quentin Smith  published by Matador 
Deadly Determination by Ian Jackson   published by Percy Publishing

Non Fiction:
Swallows & Robins
by Susie Kelly published by Blackbird Digital Books
Love Your Bones
by Max Tuck published by Hammersmith Books Limited
The No-Nonsense Guide to Green Parenting
by Kate Blincoe  published by Green Books

Everybody's Special  byTamara Rattigan published by Burst Universe Publishing  
The Tiny Tree  by Allan Plenderleith  published by Ravette Publishing Ltd
Madeleine Goes to the Moon  by Peter Lynas published by English Rose Publishing

Finalists for Autumn 2015 (September, October, November)

A small price to pay, sir?  
by Dennis Talbot published by Olympia Publishers
The Art of Letting Go  by Chloe Banks published by Thistle Publishing
The Diamond Connection  by Josie Goodbody  published by Heddon Publishing 

Non Fiction:
Finding the Rainbow by Rachel McGrath published by Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers Ltd
Sustainable Medicine 
by Dr Sarah Myhill  published by Hammersmith Books Limited
Grumpies on Board  
by Carol E Wyer published by Delancey Press Ltd

Milky Moments  by Ellie Stoneley published by Pinter & Martin 
The Christmas Truce  by Hilary Robinson (Illustrator: Martin Impey)  published by Strauss House Productions
The Bucket  by D.J. Cattrell  published by Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers Ltd

Finalists for Summer 2015 (June, July, August)

The Road To Donetsk 
by Diane Chandler published by Blackbird Digital Books
Foul Trade by BK Duncan  published by Andrews UK Limited
L U S I T A N I A R. E. X  by Greg Taylor published by Filament Publishing Ltd

Non Fiction:
Algarve Travel Guide: 54 Cities/Towns/Villages
by Karl Bradshaw-White published by Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd 
Overcoming Self-harm and suicidal thoughts
by Liz Quish published by Hammersmith Books Limited
The Story of the Fly
by Jason Drew & Justine Joseph published by Change Agent

Little Bell And The Moon
by Giles Paley-Phillips published by Fat Fox Books
Stonely's Pet Dinosaur by Naomi Burman-Shine published by Rowanvale Books Ltd.
The Somewhat Bumpy Story Of The Bath On Legs by Francine Bowden  published by Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers Ltd

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